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Wind Damaged Doors? What To Look For and How To Solve It!

Storms and high winds can be terrifying and they can also do a lot of damage to your home. That is why it is important that, after a storm is over, you go out and inspect the exterior of your house to look for any signs of damage. Remember to check your garage door as well, as this is a very important part of your home.

Signs of Damage

Not all damage can be seen immediately on your garage doors. Here are some signs to look for when inspecting them:

1. Noises from the Doors

If you try to lift your garage door and it is making a lot more noise than usual, make sure you stop and call a service technician. It is possible that the garage door motor was damaged during the storm.

2. Won’t Lift Manually

An important part of your garage door is that it works automatically with the press of a button. But it is equally important that you can lift it manually in the event of a power outage. Test your door and see if you can lift it easily. If not, it is possible that the springs in your garage door have been damaged and unbalanced. Call a service technician and get it checked by a professional. Do not try to fix it yourself. The springs have a tremendous amount of pressure on them and, if you try to fix it on your own, you could suffer serious, even life-threatening injuries.

3. Uneven or Sagging

As you look at your garage doors, check for sagging or unevenness along the top, sides and bottom of the doors. If you find it, this could mean that your springs are out of alignment. While this is mostly cosmetic at first, over time your door springs will begin to wear out unevenly, which means that one spring will get most of the weight. This can eventually cause severe damage and it is best to call a service technician and get it fixed.

4. Dents and Visible Damage

If you see dents or other visible signs of damage on your doors, you may just be annoyed and think it looks unappealing. But dents are not just cosmetic. It could mean a few things for your garage. Namely, the lifting mechanism may no longer be well-balanced due to the damage to the door. If that occurs, it will increase the wear and tear of your entire garage door system and could lead to large expenses later. Also, if the door remains damaged, it may not move effectively along the tracks that guide it when it is lifted.

What Do I Do?

You discovered that your garage door was damaged by wind, debris or storms – so now what? It’s time to call the professionals! If you live in the Douglasville, GA and surrounding metro Atlanta area you can call Metro Garage Doors and we will send out a certified professional service technician to take care of your needs. Contact us today and we’ll get your garage doors looking as good as new!

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