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Valuable Genie Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Tips


Genie garage door openers are great due to their increased security measures from the genie intellicode technology. This ensures your safety as well as preventing people from accessing your garage. However, it would be disappointing when you woke up one day and find out that your garage door won’t open, and your car is still inside. As a matter of fact, if your Genie garage door opener is not functioning properly, it poses a significant danger to anything or anyone underneath your garage door. The following are valuable tips on troubleshooting your Genie garage door opener.

Check on the door openers reverse mechanism.

A Genie garage door opener operates under a reverse mechanism whereby it stops automatically and reverses the closing of the garage door immediately it detects anything underneath it. You can carry out a simple test by just placing an object under your garage door and try to close. If it doesn’t recognize the object, this means that you need to contact a professional expert to check the system before any serious problem arises.

Check on the force adjustment of the opener.

Most garage doors behave differently in summer and winter season, and this is due to the expansion and contraction of their sizes as a result of different temperatures. This condition can be prevented by either changing the setting of you remote or adjusting some of the screws in your openers motor.

Have a regular maintenance service.

Although you can carry out the checkup procedure yourself following the Genie Company Manufactures manual, it would be better if it was done by a professional at Metro Garage Doors. This is to check whether there are some parts which are damaged, as well as making sure that your Genie garage door opener parts are well lubricated.

Check on the functionality of the motor.

When you purchased your Genie garage door opener, you noticed that it is incorporated with a five horsepower DC monitor that has a fast opening and closing speed compared to regular openers. It might be complex for you, and I recommend you call an expert to do the checkup on your behave.

Genie garage door openers, especially those with the DirectLift system, are silent due to their solid steel screws, and if the door is noisy while closing then, you need to pay attention. With those control measures, you are assured of safety.

Contact Metro Garage Door, Inc today and a professional can give you all of the information that you need about the Genie garage door openers.  They can troubleshoot your issues and help you quickly!

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