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The Perks of Parking Your Car in a Garage Vs. Outside

Are garages bad for cars? We bet you already know the answer! Not only are garages great for protecting your vehicle, they can even protect the people who drive them! In today’s blog, we discuss the perks of parking your car in a garage vs. outside.

Perk # 1: Protection from the Elements

Parking your car outside in cold weather can cause problems. Not only does rain, snow, and ice speed up the rusting process, but road salt can be incredibly harmful to the body of your car. Alternatively, extreme heat can cause engine hoses and seals to dry out and direct sunlight can harm your car’s paint job. In the spring, hail and falling tree branches can be especially harmful to the body of your car and can even crack windshields. In addition to weather concerns, acidic bird droppings, dirt, pollen, and other airborne elements can damage the paint job on your car. By keeping your car in your garage during the winter, you could be extending its life and keeping maintenance costs down.

Perk # 2: Increased Safety

Parking your car in a garage vs. outside provides increased safety to you and your car. Not only is the garage door a barrier for potential car thieves and vandals, but parking in your garage can also keep you safe as you get in and out of your vehicle, especially at night. In fact, parking in your garage offers so much additional car theft protection that some insurance companies offer discounts for policyholders who consistently park their car in the garage.

Perk # 3: Convenience

In addition to increases in safety and protection, parking your car in the garage is just more convenient. Just think of all the time and comfort you’ll save when you no longer have to scrape your windshield, defog your windows, or shiver through the first leg of your drive to work. Not only will loading and unloading your groceries be infinitely easier, but you’ll no longer get drenched when you walk out to your car in the midst of a Portland downpour. Plus, if you have children in car seats, loading them in and out of the car is much easier—and safer—from the protection of your locked garage.

Even if you understand the perks of parking your car in a garage vs. outside, you may need to take some action to make this dream a reality. If, for example, clutter is keeping you from parking your car in your garage, be sure to try out these creative garage storage ideas to help clear the clutter and free up space to park your car. If you’re nervous about parking in the garage, these DIY garage parking aids can help solve the common problem: how to know where to stop the car in your garage. In the meantime, contact Larry Myers Garage Doors for all of your garage door installation and repairs!

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