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How to Replace Broken Garage Door Rollers?

With time garage door get old, the rollers are not an exception. Rollers become worn off and thus may need to be repaired or replaced. Apart from that, the wheels come of, that is normal, do not panic. When such happens it is recommendable to contact garage door repair service provider such as phoenix and have your garage door roller repaired. Alternatively Follow the instruction given below for garage door roller replacement. Ensure that you have purchased a quality roller for the replacement as poor quality rollers end up not lasting and hence seem like a waste of your money.

Before we check on the how let us first look at what we need in order to achieve the replacement task.
The following are the tools you should assemble:

Ladder for accessing the upper side of the garage door
Power drill for drilling holes on the wall
penetrating oil for lubrication
Screw driver
Safety glasses for protection
Scrap 2 by 4 inch board

After collecting all the necessary tools, then we can say you are half way done. Just keenly follow the instructions on how to do the garage door roller replacement.
The following are the steps to be followed when doing garage door roller repair:

1. Place 2 by 4 bracing under the open garage door for support. This ensures stability of the garage door panel hence minimize danger of the garage door moving down during replacement of broken garage door rollers.

2. Unbolt the nuts that holds the broken hardware being replaced. To help loosen the bolts, spray some penetrating oil on them. Ensure that you protect your eyes using protection goggles.

3. Get rid of the old bracket, the metal stripping and hardware on it to pave room for a new set. This should be done with caution as rusty metal parts can cause injuries and infections when they cut flesh.

4. First try out if the new bracket can still use any of the bolts you are having. Sometimes it may force you to drill new holes for the new bolts, if so drill through the garage door.

5. Using the hammer, drive the bolts in from exterior side of the garage door carefully. Ensure you do not break the bolts as you hammer.

6. Site the wheel into the new bracket and position the bracket in such a manner that the wheel is held in the track.

7. Fasten brackets with nuts, and then tighten them after the wheel is placed appropriately.

8. Do the same process to the other side of the garage door. Finally, test whether the rollers are working properly and that the garage door panel is balanced and fixed properly.

Rollers do have bearings inside them and rolls up and down the truck as there name suggests. They can sometimes be noisy or sticky such that they become annoying and hence need replacement. Ensure that you frequently lubricate them to reduce chances of rusting and also reduce friction. The garage door rollers sometimes seize up. This is not uncommon, if such happen just consider replacement of the rollers.

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