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How to Match Garage Door with the House

Several elements go into the overall design of your home. Exterior finishing materials and textures are a factor. Color also plays into the mix to complete the exterior palette you have in mind and give your home a cohesive look. If color is the element that binds it all together, then it should be one of your primary considerations when calling us to install or replace a garage door. It is the most important single feature that you will decide when making a final decision.


Characteristics of Garage Door Color

In essence, choosing a garage door can be as easy as telling us which color you want. Before you make the final call, however, remember these details:


●        Will the color match the current color of your home or are you looking to find a color to accent/contrast it?

●        If you go with patterns or multicolor doors, be sure that the design enhances the home and not detracts from it.

●        Know your style. Colors can bring out your taste and style unlike any other part of the door. Are you going for a more traditional feel or are you looking for a more bold statement with modern tones?

●        You may want to spend a few minutes researching the color wheel to see what colors match each other the best. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors all form a scheme when mixed.


Colors Create Moods

When we perform garage door installation, we often notice that the color of the doors we install creates a certain vibe or mood. That’s because colors stimulate the brain in specific ways. For instance, red creates excitement, while blue has a calming effect. No matter what type of door you want or what style you’re trying to develop, the right choice will make you feel a certain way every time you drive up to your house. The question is, what mood do you want your garage door to invoke?


The Garage Door and the Front Door

Your garage door and your front door should do more than just match. Both of them should form a cohesive unit across the front of your home. A uniform look will make your house look professionally designed. So if you replace your garage door, you should also consider replacing or updating your front door as a matching set.


Garage Door Replacement Service

At Garage Doors Plus LLC, we provide a wide range of garage door services that include garage door repair, replacement, and installation. We can also fix your garage door opener, tracks, or screens. We provide these services for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a garage door repair or replacement, contact us at 612-760-7551, or you can message us on our contact page.

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