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DIY Garage Parking Aids You Should Be Using

We get it, parking aids are expensive. But parking mishaps can cause costly damage to your car, your garage door, and whatever you’re storing there. If you’re looking for a cheap way to solve this expensive problem, it’s easy enough to transform everyday items into effective homemade garage parking aids. Here’s a list of DIY garage parking aids we’ve curated especially for you. These ideas will help solve a common problem: how to know where to stop car in your garage.

DIY Garage Door Parking Aid #1: Floor Stoppers

Do you have a woodblock or old carpet lying around? If so, place it on the floor of your garage at the location that you’d like your car to be stopped. If you end up getting too close to where you want your car to park, your tires will stop from the safety barrier. If you don’t have these items, you can buy cheap wood at your local hardware store or carpets at a thrift shop.

DIY Garage Door Parking Aid #2: Wall Protectors

Got an old couch that could be thrown away? Better yet, a dusty blanket hiding somewhere in the attic? You can turn these old items into repurposed wall bumpers to keep both your vehicle and garage from getting damaged. If your garage is on the narrow side, these bumpers will be useful in preventing any damage between your car and garage.

DIY Garage Door Parking Aid #3: Placeholders

Maybe it’s one of your old posters, your favorite bobblehead, or where your cabinet ends. Try thinking of a practical item that’s already in your garage. You can set these placeholders at eye-level on the driver’s side of your garage wall. You’ll know when it’s the right time to park when you see your new garage car stop indicator as you drive in.

DIY Garage Door Parking Aid #4: Mirrors

Place a mirror near the wall of your choosing. This allows easy access to the exact position of your vehicle. It doesn’t need to be a huge bathroom mirror, just big enough for you to see.

DIY Garage Door Parking Aid #5: Ceiling String

Try hanging an item on a string from your garage ceiling. It could be anything: a tennis ball, a small rag, even a tie can do the trick! Attach it to the part of the ceiling where you want your vehicle to stop. This is effective and affordable at the same time!

We hope that you’ve found these homemade garage parking aid ideas useful. For more garage door tips, check out our blog where we cover everything from what color to paint your garage door to everything you need to know about garage fire safety. You can also contact Larry Myers Garage Doors for all of your garage door installation and repair needs.

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