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Decorate Your Garage Door for Fall and Winter Holidays

The garage door tends to be a large, flat, highly-visible space on the front of most houses. This makes garage doors great for holiday decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. We’ve seen a lot of creative garage door decorations over the years, including everything from festive Thanksgiving magnets to garage door murals depicting elaborate winter wonderlands. Here are a few garage door decorating ideas we’ve gathered so you can find what works right for you and your family.

Garage Door Decorating Idea #1: Consider Magnetic Garage Door Decorations

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Wondering how to dress up a garage door without too much effort? Seasonal garage door magnets are a quick, easy, and stylish way to decorate your garage door. Because magnets require metal to function properly, garage door magnets only work if you have a steel garage door. Whether you buy pre-made decorations or create DIY garage magnets yourself, these fun decorations can add some festive holiday cheer to the front of your house. Some of our favorite Christmas garage door magnets include Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer, and the nativity scene.

Garage Door Decorating Idea #2: Don’t Overthink Classic Holiday Iconography

If you’re looking for simple but elegant holiday garage door decorations, don’t overlook the classics. A simple wreath hung in the middle of the garage door or an array of crisp white lights could be all the Christmas decoration your garage door needs. If you’re looking for classic garage door decorating ideas, consider a giant red bow across the door, which instantly turns the house into a present. Whatever classic holiday decorating ideas you choose, you’re sure to add some holiday cheer to your neighborhood.

Garage Door Decorating Idea #3: Reference Classic Holiday Books and Movies

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Want to have a little bit of fun with your garage door holiday decorations? Try referencing a classic holiday book or movie. Using literary references adds specificity and depth to your holiday decorations that may be lacking in a classic jack o’ lantern or wintry wreath. A pair of witch’s legs sticking out from under the door, for examples, creates a nice allusion to a classic film that everyone is sure to recognize. The iconic line “Twas the night before Christmas…”, cut out and accompanied by Santa’s sleigh would be a fun DIY Christmas decoration.

Garage Door Decorating Idea #4: Invest in a Reusable Garage Door Mural

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A reusable garage door mural printed on water-resistant material can quickly turn your garage door into a winter wonderland, Jack o’ Lantern face, or firework display. Looking to decorate your garage door for Christmas or Hanukkah? Consider a nativity scene or menorah mural for your garage door. Celebrate the holiday season this year by making your garage door a canvas for thematic scenes, classic holiday icons, or witty literary references your neighbors are sure to love.

There are plenty of creative ways to decorate your garage door for upcoming holidays, and we hope you’ve found the garage door inspiration you need to create your own décor. Not sure where to put your holiday decorations once the holiday season is over? Check out these creative garage storage ideas on our blog. In the meantime, be sure to choose Larry Myers Garage Doors for quality parts and garage door servicewhen you need it.

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