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Best of Spooky Halloween Garage Door Design

The haunted garage door has been a mainstay in neighborhoods across the country during the Halloween season. These DIY Halloween decorating ideas are both fun and easy to execute on your garage door. Plus, they utilize unique, modern designs that are guaranteed to make your home stand out among the rest.

DIY Garage Door Halloween Scene

Image source: Pinterest

This garage door decorative hardware is ideal for standard garage doors with flat and smooth panels. You can create your own frightful scene by cutting out black vinyl with a sticky backing or by using lightweight craft foam for a 3D effect. Use stencils and a ruler to create sharp edges and make your garage look like a landscape straight out of a Victorian Gothic.

DIY Handy Halloween Window Cutouts

Image source: Pinterest

This isn’t a Halloween garage door for the faint of heart. In this twist on a garage door monster kit, your garage door windows frame these spooky hand silhouettes. To implement on your garage, simply trace the shape of your hands onto black paper and then attach them to the inside of your garage door windows using translucent tape. Employ your friends and family to create a variety of different hand sizes. You can even add glitter for a little extra touch of glamour.

DIY Haunted Garage Door

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re looking to take your homemade Halloween ideas to the next level, turn your garage door into a haunted house entrance. Bonus: this DIY Halloween decorating idea works for both standard and specialty garage doors. Start by attaching a heavy-duty black tarp to the top of your garage door or by overlapping two smaller tarps to create an entrance. If you don’t have a tarp around the house, you can also use large black trash bags and shred the ends. Cut out an opening, which will be the entrance to your haunted house. Affix eyes, caution signs, police tape, or cobwebs for added spooky appeal.

Before decorating your garage door for Halloween, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any complications and consider performing routine maintenance as an added safety measure. If you want to start planning ahead, check out our garage door blog for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other holiday garage door decoration ideas. For all your garage door installation, maintenance, and repair needs, get in touch with Larry Myers today!

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