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Assessing Storm Damage with your Garage Door

Garage Doors Douglasville GA

Due to the recent heavy activity in tropical storm surges, it is important to take inventory of all damage to your home and property promptly to avoid compounding any existing problems. Be sure to walk around the entire perimeter of all structures on your property and look from ground to roof for any imperfections.

Garage Door Repairs

In addition, we at Metro Garage Doors encourage our customers to carefully assess their garage doors and call us if you notice any damage due to the storm. Look for warping, dents, scratches, and any other damage to your door panels. High winds and flying debris can cause problems far beyond mere appearance and all damage should be assessed by our professional technicians. Allowing a dented or warped garage door to go un-repaired can lead to damages and costs far beyond the price of the initial repair. Warped imperfect doors put undue strain on garage door motors, reduce the efficiency of your weather and temperature seal, and can lead to rust and paint break down. Catch the damage to your garage doors early and avoid a much larger issue in the future.

Garage Door Experts – Metro Garage Doors

Recovering from a strong tropical storm such as Irma is tedious and can take time but prompt attention is the best practice. Metro Garage Doors is eager and ready to help you. We live and work in the Atlanta area and we understand your needs. Our expert team values customer service and will respond to your after-storm requests quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a repair or maintenance visit.

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