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5 Tips for Childproofing a Garage

Whether you’re a new parent or are a parent just moving into a house with a garage, you likely have child safety on the mind. Kids are curious creatures, and sometimes, their curiosity can lead to danger.

We often think of different ways to childproof the interior of our homes. However, it’s important not to forget the garage. In fact, we often store some of our most hazardous items in our garage, so this makes childproofing especially important. Below, we’re listing 5 ways for you to childproof your garage.

#1 Check the Safety of Your Garage Door

First, make sure your garage door itself has passed the safety test. You’ll want to be sure it opens and closes with ease, and that it doesn’t risk falling. You’ll also want to make sure that the garage door opener switch is high enough so that a kid can’t reach it.

In terms of preventing a garage door from falling, we’ve listed some tips on a previous blog (which you can read here!), but just to review:

  • Never try to enter or exit you garage while the door is in motion.
  • Perform a monthly reversal and balance test on your garage door, following these tips for guidance.
  • Make sure that everyone in your home is familiar with your garage door’s emergency release.
  • Get your maintenance done on your garage on a routine basis and address potential problems early.

#2 Safely Secure Toxic or Flammable Items

In order to prevent your children from getting their hands in toxic or flammable items, you do not want to store these items in easy-to-access, easy-to-reach spots. If possible, lock these types of items up in secured cabinets.

#3 Keep Tools Safely Stored

Make sure sharp or destructive tools, such as saws, hammers, and nails are in a secure location away from a child’s reach.

As far as ladders go, you don’t want your kids climbing in your garage, as this can lead to falls and injuries. You’ll want to make sure your ladders are securely attached to the walls.

#4 Childproof Your Vehicles

Do not leave the keys in your car, or leave your car unlocked. Make sure your kids do not have access to your car keys, either. If you’re unsure if you’ve locked a door, double check!

#5 Childproof Your Locks

Does your house lead to your garage? You’ll want to secure access so that you can control whether or not your kids can go into the garage. You could install a lock on your garage door, or a keypad that requires a certain combination for entry.

How Can We Help?

We hope that you found these tips to be helpful! If you have any questions about garage door safety or would like to troubleshoot an issue you’re having with your garage door, we’re just a phone call away. As your local garage door experts in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas, we’re just we’d love to help.


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