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You Asked, We Answered: FAQs About Garage Door Springs

Without functioning garage door springs, your garage door won’t open. In today’s blog, the garage door experts at Larry Myers answer some of the most frequently asked questions about garage door springs.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

It depends on what type of springs you have and how often you open and close your garage door. Standard torsion springs have about 10,000 cycles on them, and we offer a 3-year warranty. You can upgrade to hi-cycle springs, which have about $20,000 cycles for between $200 and $300. For upgraded hi-cycle springs, we offer a 5-year warranty.

How to Open a Garage Door with a Broken Spring?

Opening a garage door with a broken spring is incredibly dangerous, as the spring supports the weight of the door, and without it, there’s nothing to protect you from the full weight of the garage door falling on you. If you need to open a garage door with a broken spring, we recommend contacting a professional like Larry Myers. For decades, we’ve built a reputation on quick, affordable, and high-quality service.

How to Fix or Replace a Garage Door Spring?

While there are certain DIY garage door repairs you might be able to execute on your own, the best way to fix or replace a garage door spring is to hire a professional garage door repair service. Torsion springs especially are under a considerable amount of pressure and trying to repair or replace them without proper training can be fatal. Because of this, we do not recommend trying to replace the garage door springs on your own.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs?

When garage door springs are broken, they must be replaced. At Larry Myers, we tend to charge between $140-$210 to replace torsion springs, between $265-$320 to replace torque springs, and between $185-$215 for extension springs. If additional parts as needed, such as cables or rollers, you’ll have to pay for the additional parts.

If you have any additional questions about garage door springs or any other part of your garage door, contact Larry Myers Garage Doors at 503-761-5674. We proudly serve Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington!

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