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Transform Your Garage With Lifestyle Screens

Whether you use your garage to store cars or as a hobby room, you understand the difference between having the door closed for privacy and security or open for fresh air. There is an in between solution toward keeping your garage space sealed against bugs and unwanted views while allowing for a nice breeze to come in. Lifestyle screens are a fairly new innovation toward making your garage more useful than ever before.


Your Garage as a Usable Space

Although some people only use their garages as a storage space, it can be a functional room and addition to your home. With proper screening, your garage can be used as a gym, workshop, hobby area, or even a patio of sorts. With proper equipment or furniture which can be easily moved into place or out of the way, your garage can be used with the screens when needed and still be a place to safely store your car as needed.


Integrating a Screen with Your Existing Door

Garage door screens are designed to work with and compliment your existing garage door. The screen moves out of the way when not in use so your garage functions as designed when needed, and allows for the security of your regular garage door. When you want the area to be opened up to the outside, the screens move into place to separate you from bugs and mosquitoes which may be lurking outdoors.


Planning the Screen to Match Your Home

Just like a regular storm door, garage screens are available in a variety of styles as needed to fit the décor of your home. A door within a door system allows ease of access should you need to go in or out without removing raising the entire screen. The frame is made of strengthened aluminum for strength, covered with a wet-painted shell for beauty and the color of your choice. The screen doesn’t require an additional opener but instead uses a counterbalance to assure the ease of use by hand.


For more information about garage screens from Garage Door Plus, LLC and our function in your home, contact us at 612-760-7551 or visit us online. You’ll find our staff to be friendly and helpful while helping you determine which garage screen system will best suit your needs.

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