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The Best Garage Door Motor Replacement

Garage Door Motors – Douglasville, GA

The latest technological innovations for a garage door motor replacement are available in the ReliaG 2028 1/2 HP motor from Metro Garage Doors in Douglasville, GA. The Model 2028 provides power, reliability and value for homeowners in Douglasville, GA who want a motor with variable speed control and one that provides quiet operation. Another valuable feature is the Soft Start-Soft Stop which ensures a smoother movement of the door. This motor includes a 7 foot steel-reinforced Chain Rail which hides the Chain Drive for improving the appearance of the door opener mechanism.

ReliaG Motor Benefits

This motor has a reversing system which is operated by an invisible beam across the door opening at the bottom. Any pet, person or object that breaks this beam will result in the door stopping and then reversing. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that this system has prevented many injuries and even some deaths from occurring.

A security system that is available with this motor is the Intellicode which automatically changes the doors access code every time the door is opened. This system selects from billions of codes, so it is impossible for a person to copy the code with a device that is used to copy credit card numbers. This is a security system that will protect valuable assets stored in the garage including the vehicles.

The motor is equipped with a security system which is designed to avoid nearby frequency interference. The Auto-Seek system will automatically seek either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by the remote. Three remotes are available for this motor.

The 3-Button Remote has an Auto Seek Dual Frequency 390/315 MHz with the Intellicode feature.

The 3-Button Remote uses a 390 MHz Single Frequency also with Intellicode.

The 1-Button Remote has an Auto Seek Dual Frequency 390/315 MHz also with Intellicode.

Source:  This motor is designed and manufactured by the Genie Company which is a highly recognized manufacturer of garage door openers since 1954. They have continued to make a high quality motor.

Genie Garage Motor Experts – Douglasville, GA

Contact Metro Garage Doors for your motor replacement.  We have been selling service and serving the needs of Douglasville for over 20 years. We also have a partnership with the Genie Company to install all the Genie Garage Door Openers sold by Metro Atlanta Home Depot Stores.

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