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The Advantages of Having a Detached Garage

Adding a garage to your home can create additional storage space for cars, ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, boats, and other large items. Garages can also be repurposed to be used as a home gym, workshop, art studio, home office, a mini greenhouse, or additional living space. In addition to their practical uses, garages also add a significant amount of value to your home. Here’s what you need to know about detached garages.

What is a Detached Garage?

A detached garage is a freestanding garage that is not attached to the home by a shared wall. They are often built away from the home, either in the back yard or near the side of the house.

What are the Advantages of a Detached Garage?

Thinking about adding a detached garage to your home? Consider these advantages:

Detached Garage Advantage #1: Additional Customization Options

When building a garage onto your existing home, you must work within certain size constraints. Detached garages don’t have to fit into the architecture of home, which means you can take advantage of any extra space in your lot to create a garage that’s the perfect size and shape to fit your exact needs. Because there are more strict zoning laws for adding onto an existing home, detached garages typically require fewer permits and zoning headaches.

Detached Garage Advantage #2: A More Modern Look

If you’ve ever driven through a suburban neighborhood, you’re more than familiar with the “garage-forward” design that’s dominated the market for decades. However, more and more modern architects are moving away from this “garage-forward” look, especially when designing smaller house, which can easily look overpowered by a large garage door. While garage-forward homes will always be around, if you’re hoping to achieve a more modern look, you might consider a detached garage, which can be built away from the main dwelling and can add a style all its own.

Detached Garage Advantage #3: Increased Home Safety

Garage fires spread farther and faster than fires that start in other parts of the house, especially if you store flammables like oil, gasoline, propane, and varnishes in the garage. If you have a detached garage, fires are much less likely to jump to your main home. Additionally, roughly 9% of burglars gain entrance through the garage, but if you’re garage is detached from the house, any successful burglars will not gain access to the rest of your home.

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