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Should My Gas Logs Turn Black?

Gas Logs and Fireplaces – Douglasville GA

As nights get shorter and cooler, we’re drawn to our fireplace for warmth and companionship just like generations of people since our ancestors learned to create fires. Back then, as the fire died people threw another log on. But now, when our gas logs start to blacken we raise our eyebrows. What’s going on? Is that supposed to happen?

Gas Logs and Fireplace Issues

No. Gas logs are not supposed to get soot on them. If you’re noticing blackening on your logs, ask yourself these trouble-shooting questions.

  1. Are the logs each in their prescribed position? It is very important to check your log positioning, when they are out of place the fire may not burn as cleanly as it should.
  2. Are the gas ports clean and unobstructed? If not, the fire could be burning unevenly resulting in soot production.
  3. Are your air vents or shutters clean and clear? Gas log fireplaces are engineered so that given the proper amount of oxygen, the flame will burn beautifully and not produce much soot. Keep the vents or shutters dust and debris free for better operation.
  4. How old is your fireplace? Aging can result in deterioration of some parts. If your device is getting old, have it inspected by a professional.

Gas Log Fireplace Experts – Metro

Gas fireplaces can be an efficient and attractive part of your home, but for optimal safety and efficiency, ensure the proper maintenance. As with any gas appliance, the safest bet if you have any questions is to contact a professional at Metro Garage Doors.

In Atlanta, Metro Garage Doors is the perfect choice for your gas fireplace maintenance. Their knowledgeable staff will inspect and clean your logs and ports and make sure you’re set for a relaxing, worry-free evening around the fire. Contact us today to explore our products and services.

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