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Save Time with One Company Managing all Your Garage Doors

Keeping up with managing all your properties can be a hassle at best. Garage Doors Plus, LLC solves this problem by providing a comprehensive property management package to suit your needs. We work with property management firms and HOAs (Homeowners Associations) across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We can help you with your properties as well.


What are the Benefits Hiring One Garage Door Company?

There are several advantages to working with just one garage door company:


●        No more chasing after numerous companies

●        Singular billing and payments

●        Uniform service across the board.

●        Preferred, same day service day or night

●        Repairs are handled as they become necessary


Large-Scale Garage Door Replacements

If you have several homes in a neighborhood that require upgrades, then our team of contractors can handle all large-scale projects. So if you need ten homes worked on at the same time, we can fit each home with the same type of garage door, or we can custom install a unique door for each house. Either way, we can work on the entire project all at once.


Preventative Maintenance Plans

To keep all the garage doors on your properties properly working at all times, we recommend allowing us to perform garage  routine maintenance on all of the doors at the same time. We can set you up on a schedule plan in which we come out periodically to inspect and maintain the doors. In some cases, we may have to perform garage door repairs. Our maintenance program, however, is designed to minimize how many costly repairs we do.


Warranties on all Products and Services

At Garage Doors Plus LLC, we are committed to providing you the highest level of products and services in the industry. Therefore, we cover all of our products with manufacturer warranties and our service with labor warranties. This ensures that we adhere to manufacturer guidelines, industry standards, and Minnesota state codes. If you have questions about our warranty, then please contact us.


Choose Garage Doors Plus, LLC to Install Your Door

If you are a home or business owner in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, then contact us to perform all garage door installations, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. We offer affordable rates, reliable work, and fast, friendly service on all our jobs. Call us at 612-760-7551 and let us help you with your upcoming project.

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