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How to Keep Your Garage Safe This Summer

When you think of home security, does your garage door come to mind?

It should.

According to Nationwide, 9% of burglars enter the home through the garage. There are simple changes you can make to improve your garage door’s security and protect your home.

Here are our tips for how to keep your garage safe this summer.

1)       Update your remote.

Older garage door remotes use a limited number of codes to control the opening and closing of your garage door. Hacking devices are able to identify the code open your garage door in a matter of seconds. Newer garage door remotes feature rolling-code technology that send out a new code every time the garage is used with up to 4.3 billion possible combinations. The new devices are virtually unhackable.

2)      Keep the garage door closed.

If you are gardening or the kids are playing the yard, be sure the garage door remains closed. Not only will you keep the A/C in, you’ll keep your garage secure. An open garage door invites in opportunistic thieves and critters looking for a cool place to rest.

3)      Unplug and lock up.

If you are planning a summer vacation and you will be away from home for a few days or more, take extra precautions. Unplug your electric garage door opener. Take your garage remote out of the car and store it somewhere securely. Use your garage door lock – you may have one on the interior or exterior of the door. These security measures won’t take more than a few minutes and will keep your home safe while you are out of town.

Have questions about garage door safety or want to add a lock to your existing garage door? We can help! Contact us to speak with a garage door expert in Portland or Vancouver today.

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