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How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Garage

Especially during the wet winter and spring months, moisture can be a real problem for homeowners in Portland. Not only can excessive moisture cause mold in the garage, but it can also damage your garage door, your car, and anything you store in your garage. But there are steps you can take to prevent long-term problems. In today’s blog, our experts discuss how to keep moisture out of your garage.

Dry Your Vehicle

If you’re wondering how to keep water out of your garage without spending much money, start by drying your vehicle after driving in the rain or snow. Simply toweling the moisture off your car after you pull into the garage can go a long way in combatting condensation problems.

Regulate the Temperature of your Garage

Garage temperature control isn’t just important during the summer months. In fact, using a heater in your garage during the winter can prevent condensation and help keep moisture out of your garage. But beware, all heaters aren’t created equal. In fact, propane heaters can actually intensify the problem, as they emit high levels of water vapor.

Consider Garage Ventilation & Dehumidifiers

Garage ventilation is key in preventing condensation problems. If you’re looking for ways to keep moisture out of your garage, try checking your ventilation, as roof vents need to be cleaned regularly to allow for efficient airflow. You can also try using a garage dehumidifier, which will effectively collect the water in the air. Just remember to empty the water tray regularly or install a hose that empties outside to make sure the water stays out.

Invest in a Garage Floor Coating

Because of its porous nature, many homeowners have problems with moisture coming up through the concrete floor of their garage. To avoid this problem, try using a polyaspartic garage floor coating. Not only can it significantly lower garage condensation levels, but it can even protect your flooring from other types of damage.

Inspect Your Garage Drainage

If you want to get rid of garage humidity and condensation, it has to have somewhere to go. Your garage likely has floor and rooftop drainage systems, which need to be cleared periodically in order to ensure proper drainage. Before the wet season, make sure your floor drain cover isn’t clogged and that your gutters and downspouts are free of blockage.

Now that you’ve learned how to keep moisture out of your garage, you can check out some of our other garage tips and information, including how to fix a garage door gap and FAQs about garage door springs. You can also contact Larry Myers Garage Doors for all of your garage door installation and repair needs.

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