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How LiftMaster Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers Keep You Safe and Informed

The latest LiftMaster Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers are the perfect midpoint between simple usability and high-tech features. A garage door opener firmly falls in the category of tech that you need to simply work as intended, with little to no downtime That’s exactly what the forward-thinking designs of the LiftMaster Wi-Fi Premium models 8355W and 8360W aim for.

Reliable, Durable, Connected

Image Source: Liftmaster 8355W

The LiftMaster 8355W is an energy-efficient, consumer-level garage door opener, with a belt driven 1/2 HP AC motor, equipped with a Motor Vibration Isolation System to keep operation consistent, and quiet.

The LiftMaster 8360W has a Chain Drive System and a DC motor, with a soft start/stop. This is industrial-strength equipment, for repeated and constant use. Even a power outage won’t stop normal operation, with a battery backup system that ensures uninterrupted access for 40 cycles, even during power outages.

Always Connected

Both models represent the awesome app in the garage door opener space: wi-fi connectivity, managed through the MyQ Mobile App.

MyQ notifications track the status of the door, informing users if it the door is open, closed, or breached. Real-time push notifications let authorized smartphone users know what’s going on within moments.

And, of course, the app supports that simple yet immeasurably valuable feature: The ability to open and close the garage door from any smartphone with MyQ installed. No need to keep track of loose remote openers, or find one with a dead battery when you need it most.

How to Upgrade Your Garage

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