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Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie Garage Door Openers

For more efficiency when opening and closing your garage door, you should consider replacing the old garage door openers with the new Genie models. Households from Douglasville, GA have something to smile for as Genie garage door openers have door openers with the latest technology. Here are the reasons why you need to replace your garage door opener with product from Genie.

Why a Genie Model?

Neighbor-friendly model
One disadvantage with the old model of garage door opener is that when it makes many ruckuses when being opened or closed. A new model that is belt-driven from Genie garage door openers is now available. Although it costs more than the traditional chain-driven models, it produces less sound hence makes your garage door neighbor-friendly. An alternative for those having a tight budget would be the screw-type door openers. These have less moving and jiggly parts therefore making a noiseless machine.

Safety is a key feature for any garage door. As such, there is a need to use an operator for your garage door that has the reversal feature. This feature is important in that the machine can detect if it is just about to crashing into something or detect something that is blocking its path. Oldest models do not have the reverse technology so you should check if your door has and update it.

New Technology
The technology for the garage door security equipment is advancing just like everything else is. New models with latest technology are more convenient and safer. For example, a key-less mounted up pad is on the market. For convenience of a wireless pad, you need to purchase a new door opener model. The wireless pad will let you transmit signals from the wireless transmitter at the comfort of your car.

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