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Signs that you should have your garage door inspected immediately

You should examine your garage door every month. During this examination, check to see if your door is balanced evenly. Try manually lowering your door to the halfway point to see if it will continue to move. If it does, it may be off balance. You may also notice that part of the door is sagging. Schedule your garage door service before further damage occurs.

Delayed Response
When you push your garage door opener, the door should start moving within 1-2 seconds. Any kind of a delay may indicate that there is a problem with your door or the opener. Also, if your door won’t move at all, there could be a bad connection between the door and the control panel or your door may be malfunctioning. Contact a repair company to test your door and control panel to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Visible Damage
As you examine your door, look for signs of visible damage. Problems can cause your door to fall off of the track, which may lead to malfunctioning problems or cause it to get stuck when opening or closing. When visible damage appears to the door itself or any of the parts, you may need to have these parts replaced. Contact a garage door repair company to help you locate the part and replace it safely.

Making Loud Noises
When opening your garage door, it’s probably not noiseless to begin with, but it shouldn’t be really loud either. Are you noticing that the door is becoming louder than usual? The sounds could indicate issues with your springs, openers, or opener brackets. Have these parts examined to find out what could be causing the loud noises to rectify the problem before it worsens.

By maintaining your garage door and watching for these signs, you’ll be able to prevent injuries to your household members.  Don’t attempt to fix the problem by yourself unless you have the know-how and proper equipment.  Call professionals at Metro Garage Door today for an estimate!

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