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Garage Door Noises

What are garage door noises?

Garage door noises are a big nuisance and the sooner they are dealt with, in order to prevent persistent garage door squeaking it is very crucial and advisable to hire the services of a professional expert.  Professional expert is a well trained and qualified technicians who is experienced and have immense knowledge of all garage door problems and therefore they will help you have a long lasting garage doors solutions to your noisy door.  In Douglasville GA Metro Garage Door Repair is the best that offers high quality exceptional garage door services.

When garage door start making noises do an inspection to identify the source of the noises, in most cases garage door noises are caused by old and worn out garage door component that needs only a replacement to solve the problem. However in some cases tightening the hinges and nuts using a socket wrench get rid of the garage door noises. When tightening the nuts and hinges do not over tighten them because a little space for play.  Clean metallic moving parts using a spray solvent because they might be rusty and corroded, make sure you use a spray solvent that has anti corrosive effects to prevent rust.

Lubricate metallic moving parts using either grease or silicone that is design for outdoor use because it has protection from humidity and changing temperature hence protect the garage door in future. Lubricate tracks,springs, hinges, roller bearings, opening mechanism and chain if your garage door has a chain lubricate them thoroughly. It is recommended to lubricate your garage door parts every after 6 months.

Open and close the garage door severally to enable the lubricant penetrate all parts, closing and opening enables you to establish if there is still a garage door noises if there is still squeaking lubricate it again. Clean the excess lubricant using either old towel or rugs to prevent accumulation of debris in due time.

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