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Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Doors – Douglasville

The safety and protection of your life and property as one of the over 31,000 Douglasville, GA resident includes a properly maintained garage door. This is why it is important that you get the basic knowledge about how to keep it in top shape.

Garage Door Maintenance

Dust and dirt are some of the greatest enemies of making your door perform well. So, you will need to dust it at least five to six times in a year; especially if you use the ones with tracks. Your door parts like the metal rollers, hinges, rail and the arm bar will also need regular lubrication. However, parts like the track and chain rail should be spared from spraying so as not to damage them.

You also need to check your door’s reverse mechanism. Make sure the door stops and reverse anytime it touches an object. In addition to this, you also need to check the door balance. If your garage door is hard to open or doesn’t stay open, it may mean that it is out of balance and you might need to get a technician from Metro Garage Doors to check it out.

Weather Sealants

Installing a weather seal on the door frame and the middle of the door panel will block the introduction of moisture into the garage. This process can also help you save a lot of energy too. Weather sealants are very important since the temperature of Douglasville, GA can get chilly in the winter season. You will also need to check the sensors regular and make sure they are not knocked out of line. The realignment process can be achieved by simply pushing the sensors to the right position so that they face each other, exactly at the right positions.

Check the Moving Parts

Always check moving parts and clean the door with car wax or soft cloth with a mixture of water and household detergent. You should also check the garage door optic sensors and make sure there are no signs of damage or wear on any parts when you check from the inside.

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