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Attic Insulation

Can attic insulation save you money?

During the winter months in the south, the idea of hibernating in the comfort of your toasty home can be compromised due to the lack of attic insulation. I often wondered why my house was so cold even after setting the thermostat to 78 degrees. Even during the most frigid nights, a cold draft can make its way through the attic causing the upper level of the house to be cool. In Douglasville, Georgia there are plenty of expert insulators to help keep out the drafts and help keep electric bills at bay.

This was the first insulation ever in my house, so I decided to solicit the services of a trusted professional. The benefits of insulating the attic will save money over the long run and it will regulate the temperature in the entire house. Not only will your house stay warm in the winter, but it will also keep it cool during the summer months as well.

The best kind of insulation to use in the attic of a Douglasville home varies. Foil, spray foam, fibers glass bats or dry loose-fill blown-in materials can be used to insulate the home. What’s great about the latter is the materials are blown into the crevices of the attic, blocking cold winds and heat loss. The loose-fill materials are made out of wool, fiberglass, and cellulose.
Metro Garage Door Repair provides free estimates and reasonable rates.  With professional insulation, total energy costs can decrease by 25%.

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