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4 Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door is one of the largest and heaviest components in your home. Therefore, you should practice caution when using it. Failure to keep the garage door in good shape or to not use it safely could lead to severe damage or injury to you or your family. Garage Doors Plus, LLC can inspect your door to see if you need garage door repair or garage door replacement. We can fully restore the door and keep it working in excellent condition year after year. Below are four safety tips that will keep you and your family safe.


1. The Safety Sensors

The garage door safety sensors are installed on the rails about five to seven inches off the ground. They stop the garage door or reverse its direction if a person, animal, or object are below the door. We test the doors by pushing the control button and then placing an item underneath the door. If the door doesn’t stop, the sensor is broken. We may need to rewire or replace them.


2. Garage Door Auto Reverse Mechanism

After 1991, manufacturers began adding a reversing mechanism that makes a reverse door direction if it comes into contact with something as it’s closing. We can test the auto-reverse mechanism by placing a soft item under the door as it’s closing. If the door continues to close after it touches the object, the mechanism is malfunctioning. We may replace it so that the door will reverse. Keep in mind that this device keeps the door from crushing anything in its path. It becomes a safety hazard if we don’t replace it.


3. Get Your Garage Door Professionally Inspected Annually

Although you can perform a necessary check on your door weekly or monthly, you should call Garage Doors Plus, LLC to inspect your door annually. A comprehensive inspection from a certified professional will identify critical issues that we’ll need to address. We can examine the remote controls, wall panel, springs, tracks, cables, and the condition of the door.


4. Add Safety Features

In addition to your door’s essential functions, you should consider adding safety features. Garage Doors Plus, LLC offers a selection of features that will provide security to your garage and your home. Some of our safety features include security lights, battery backup, keyless entry, remote entry, security, and safety beam movement sensors. We can custom install any device to suit your garage door system specifications.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC Can Keep Your Family Safe

Garage door safety is a vital component to keeping your family, friends, and neighbors safe. Garage Doors Plus, LLC provides complete garage door repair and garage door installation. Our technicians can install or repair your door to make it safe and secure to use. If you need a new garage door or want to fix your current door, contact us at 612-760-7551, or you can message us on our contact page.

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