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 3 Benefits Of Insulating Your Garage Door With Owens Corning

For many people, the garage isn’t just a place to store their car; it does double duty as a workshop, playroom, and laundry room. Unfortunately, the threat of heating loss and noise pollution keep many people from using their garage for such purposes. If you would like to learn more about turning your garage into a livable space, read on. This article will discuss three benefits of insulating your garage door with Owens Corning batts

Better Noise Control 

Whether your garage is home to a noisy washer, or a teenage rock band, one of the most common complaints about uninsulated garage doors is the amount of noise pollution they allow. Fortunately, Owens Corning’s Garage Door Insulation Kit is capable of bringing about up to a 20% reduction in the perceptible noise level. That means you will find it easier than ever to co-exist with whatever noisemakers are lurking behind your garage door. 

Heightened Thermal Retention 

Owens Corning batt insulation consists of eight fiberglass insulation panels. The outward facing side is covered with a durable and washable facing made of white vinyl. Best of all, its insulating power is rated with an extremely efficient R-value of R-8. This allows effective heat retention up to five times better than that of an uninsulated door–a fact that will do wonders to help reduce your monthly energy bill. 

A Brighter Space 

The insulation’s white vinyl facing has a number benefits. As mentioned above, it is highly resistant to damage, while still being easy to clean. In addition, it will indirectly act to boost the light levels in your garage. It does this by reflecting any light sources present, thus increasing visibility in even the darkest of garages.

For more information about how Owens Corning batts can improve the functionality and appearance of your garage, feel free to contact the experts at Metro Garage Doors.

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