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Having Problems with Your Garage Door or Your Automatic Gate?Albuquerque garage door repair

  • Need help getting your garage door to operate correctly?
  • Do you need a residential garage door opener installed or repaired?
  • Having problems with your commercial overhead garage door?
  • Is your automatic gate not opening or closing correctly?
  • 24/7 Emergency garage door services in Albuquerque and surrounding area’s
  • Do you have a problematic garage door? Is it causing you problems and safety issues? Don’t let a malfunctioning garage door compromise your families safety. Echo Garage Doors Albuquerque is your local professional garage door repair company you can count on.


Company Ideals, Beliefs and Morals

Our Service We offer a professional service. We always try to build a very strong relationship that the customer can trust. We desire to be the best. We are passionate and determined. Quality First We only use the best products that the industry has to offer for our customers. By providing this, our customers receive reliable, long-lasting, products that fit the customer’s needs. Good work takes time. Integrity The customers are always right without exception. Treating everyone with respect and dignity. Always exceeding expectations. Integrity and ethical values. Demonstrate proactive Customer Service. Committed to greatness. Listen We listen first, then listen more. We always have an open ear for our customers. Our mission is not complete until the customer says “WOW”. Build open and honest relationships with communication. Honesty Always be truthful and honest in every aspect of business, this builds strong relationships. Without honesty, we cannot truly succeed. Trust is our currency.


Call Us Today: (505) 300-3550

Albuquerque Garage Door Repair – Garage Door Supplier-Quality Service at Affordable Pricing


  • Reliable, Licensed and Insured

  • We Repair Malfunctioning Garage Doors and Automatic Gates in Hours!

  • High Quality Repair on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Doors

  • Best Commercial Overhead Door Repair With Warranty

  • Top Quality Parts Used On All Repairs and Installs

  • Proven, Top-Rated and Leading Automatic Gate & Garage Door Repair in Albuquerque

Automatic Electric Roll-up Commercial Garage Gate Or Push-up DooEcho Garage Doors Albuquerque NM is one of the premier garage door companies in Albuquerque.

Call or Schedule Your Garage Door Repair TODAY!

We off FREE estimates on garage door replacements and also spring replacements. Our service is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just in case you are in need of emergency service. We provide you quality service and an affordable price. We are your number one garage door repair service company.

Here Are Some Reasons to Select Echo Garage Door for Your Garage Door Repair Needs

Some of the garage door repair services that we provide:

Garage Door Installation: This will include the installation of your new garage door. Not only that but this also includes the cables, springs, hinges, track, handles, locks and the rollers. We are providing the complete service with the installation of your new garage door. We will inspect the job and all the parts, we will make sure that the door fits your opening and ensure complete and perfect operation of your new garage door. All parts are guaranteed and inspected after installation to ensure perfect working condition.

Installation of Electric Garage Door Opener: We will service and repair your electric garage door opener. WeStandard garage doors also work on the lift mechanism, the part that pulls your door up and helps guide it back down. Now the garage door opener is not part of the garage door itself and is serviced on its own timeframe. What is usually done is an inspection of the system, repair if necessary, any adjustments needed and we will also lubricate if needed. We also check the mounting brackets of the opener unit itself, and we also inspect where the opener attaches to the garage door itself.

Garage Door Replacement: We perform the same type of repairs as above, but we will include the removal and the hauling away of the old garage door and all of the replaced parts.

We Work On All Brands Of Garage Door Openers: We repair and can replace all types, brands of electric garage door openers.

Torsion Spring Replacement of Garage Door: What does the torsion spring do and how does it work? The spring makes the energy by being wound around a shaft, rather than stretching (as most springs work) and this winding provides the lift for the garage door. This a dangerous repair if done without training. Fingers, hands can become seriously injured if removed or installed incorrectly. You should always use a professional garage door company that provides this service as we do. Call us today and we can provide you this service to help repair or replace your garage spring.

Off Track Garage Doors Repaired: Rollers sometimes come out of the guide tracks and we realign these rollers. The garage door is at risk of collapsing or falling down.

Sagging Garage Doors Repaired: As a home and garage door ages, there can be a shift that can occur. What sometimes happens is the garage door may need to be reinforced and realigned. We will inspect the opening and garage door to make sure that the door is not damaged. When we have figured out what the problem is, we will fix what needs to be fixed with new parts and make any adjustments that are necessary to ensure that the garage door operates smoothly up and down.

Garage Door Panel Replacement: From time to time a panel can become damaged and will need to be replaced. What we do is just replace that one damaged section, we leave the good panels, this way the entire garage door does not need to be replaced saving you money.

garage-doors-imagesGarage Door Roller Replacement: Sometimes the rollers jump the guide tracks and become damaged and need to be replaced. These rollers when they become old and damaged can be replaced with ease. We can also upgrade your rollers to nylon rollers to make your garage door operate even quieter.

Garage Door Replacement Sectional: Same as replacing a garage door. This is specific to the sectional garage doors that are in need of repair and or replacement.

Broken Spring Replacement, Garage Door Cable Replaced: These usually operate and are replaced in a pair, since the cable attaches to the spring to move the garage door up and down. These parts are steel and can rust and wear out occasionally, so we can go in and replace either the torsion spring or the cable.

TuneUp for Garage Door and Safety Inspection: This is a comprehensive check-up of the garage door and all its parts. We will go in and evaluate, make any minor adjustments necessary, any minor repairs that might be needed and will also lube the garage door. This is going to add to the lifespan of the garage door if this is done regularly and


we recommend that this periodic maintenance should be done annually.

Planned Maintenance: This is the same as the above tune-up, but will include up to 3 garage doors and garage door openers. This allows you to know that your door and opener is functioning correctly and ensures you have that annual coverage and tune up by our well-trained technicians.

Key Pads Wireless: Battery operated remotes are in need of repair and programming on occasion. Our techs can help you reset these units or you can read about your opener and keypad here on the site and program them yourself.

Remotes Additional: If you are in need of additional remote control units for your garage door opener, our techs are happy to help you program and match your current garage door configuration.

Some Other Garage Door Repair Services We Provide:

We can be at your home quickly to help with all your garage door issues, with our emergency services.
We can schedule your garage door repair around your schedule.
Our service technicians are licensed, bonded and are employees of Echo Garage Door Company of Albuquerque, they are not subcontractors.
We will fix your garage door right the first time, and also at a fair price.

Call Us Today: (505) 300-3550

Garage Builder-Proven and Reliable Garage Door Repair and Installation Albuquerque NM

  • Best Service for New Garage Doors and New Garage Door Openers

  • Top-Rated Paint Free Maintenance Doors

  • Top Quality Parts Used-Broken Springs, Rollers, Bearings, Guide Tracks and Doors

  • Trusted For Best Prices and Industry Leading Warranty

When looking at a garage builder, we do the finishing touches on the garage when it is done. What I mean by this is that we will close the garage off with a beautiful garage door and opener. This is what is meant by garage builder. If you are in need of assistance when it comes to problems with your garage door, then Echo Garage Doors is the Leading Albuquerque garage door company that you should be calling. We have the highest quality when it comes to using parts and repairing existing doors. We also have some of the best pricing in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

Call Us Today: (505) 300-3550

Albuquerque garage door repair, areas that we service currently are as follows:

Albuquerque NM, Kirtland Afb NM, Corrales NM, Rio Rancho NM, Bernalillo NM, Isleta NM, Placitas NM, Cedar Crest NM, Bosque Farms NM, Peralta NM, Algodones NM, Sandia Park NM, Tijeras NM, Los Lunas NM, San Ysidro NM, Tome NM, Edgewood NM, Torreon NM, Santo Domingo Pueblo NM

1639 Casa Florida Pl NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87120 Phone: (505) 300-3550