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Why You Need a Battery Backup for Your Garage Door

Harsh winters and severe storms during the spring and summer in Minnesota can cause the power to go out. Electrical currents can also be cut during a power surge. In either case, having the ability to open and close your garage door could prove to be valuable during cringeworthy moments. Below we explore how a backup battery can keep your garage door working when the rest of house goes dark.


What is a Garage Door Battery?

A garage door battery is a compact 12-volt battery unit that supplies power to all electronic components within the garage door system. These types of batteries have become increasingly popular with home and business owners across Minneapolis and St. Paul. The battery is a backup unit. This means that, after we install the battery, it lies dormant and full of energy until its use is required. In most cases, homeowners will use very little of the battery, because they only need it when the power is gone.


How Long Does a Backup Battery Keep a Charge?

Considering the battery is only used to open and close a garage door a few times out of the year, it will remain charged long after power is restored to the entire house. Remember, a 12-volt battery gets its charge directly from your electrical system, so it is always powered up and ready to go. With that in mind, a fully charged battery should last 20 cycles. A full cycle includes both a door opening and closing.


Professional Battery Installation

Whether you’re installing a brand new garage door system or looking to upgrade your current system, we can add a brand new battery backup to your garage door opener, so you are prepared to open and close the garage door during a power outage. We will integrate the battery directly into your home’s electrical system so that you will always have a charged battery. You’ll never have to worry about opening or closing your garage door again.


Get a Brand New Backup Battery from Garage Doors Plus, LLC

At Garage Doors Plus LLC we offer a wide variety of garage door services that include garage door repair, garage door replacement, and garage door installation. We can custom install the right door that suits your taste and style. We also offer garage door opener, track, and spring replacement as well as garage door screens. Call us today at 612-760-7551 for a free estimate. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul’s leading garage door company!

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