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Why Genie Garage Door Motors?

Garage Doors – Douglasville GA

Garage door openers are so common place, when they are working well, it’s easy to take them for granted. You push the button and the door goes up; push it again, the door goes down. Simple. Seen one, you’ve seen them all.

That’s like saying all shoes are alike, but that isn’t true. There are canvas uppers and leather uppers, spongy foam insoles and—whatever those flat things are called. Garage door openers are not all the same either!

Want to live life and go about the business of your day with confidence that your garage door is working correctly? Want to make sure you and your family can get in, but not the stranger down the street? Create some magic in your life with a Genie garage door opener.

Genie Garage Door Motors

Genie takes pride in creating garage door motors and accessories that help you keep your home safe and secure while also easing your life with easy access and entry. They are so confident in their work that they put a warranty on their products.

In Douglasville, GA and the surrounding metro area, Metro Garage Door Inc. has more than 25 years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors. Through the years, they have come to trust the Genie brand as a reliable, durable product so they have peace of mind recommending the products and are comfortable installing them and putting warranties on their service and parts.

Visit Metro’s showroom at 7464 Bankhead Highway, Douglasville, GA to look at the Genie garage door motors and accessories, or contact us online. Our goal is to provide superior customer experience and tremendous value. We offer top quality product lines so you can rely on our sales and service. We look forward to meeting you soon and bringing the magic of dependable door openers into your home!

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