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What Not to Store in Your Garage

For many, the garage isn’t just a place to park your car, it’s extra storage space for a wide variety of items, including everything from Christmas decorations to gardening tools. Before you decide which items to store in your home’s garage, be sure to ask yourself this important question: what is safe to store in your garage? In today’s blog, the experts at Larry Myers Garage Doors discuss what not to store in your garage.

Propane Tanks & Other Flammables

While garage storage is convenient, some items can put you in danger when stored in the garage. Propane tanks, for example, can cause garage safety concerns, as valve leaks can seep into the garage, which not only creates the potential for an asphyxiation risk, but is also a fire hazard. In general, be sure to practice good garage fire safety by storing flammables in an unattached shed.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home, but storing paint in the garage is a big no-no. Because weather fluctuations can cause the paint to separate or gel, even unopened cans can spoil in extreme heat or cold. While short-term storage during temperate months can be fine, in general, you’ll want to store paint in a temperature-controlled basement or utility closet.

Clothes & Bedding

While storing seasonal clothes and bedding in the garage may seem harmless, doing so could lead to damage and even unexpected pests. Heat, humidity, and insects are bad for many types of fabric, and storing clothes and bedding in the garage can lead to mold, mildew, or other types of damage. Plus, many critters like racoons and skunks look for soft nests, which means if they find these items in storage, they might invite their friends and build nests.

Canned Goods

Whether you do your own canning or are just hoping to stockpile some store-bought canned food, the garage will not be your best bet for canned food storage. Storing canned food in a hot garage can lead to serious problems, including a significantly shorter shelf life. Any moisture in the garage can lead tin cans to rust, and if your canned food freezes, the thawing process can decrease its quality.

Paper Products

Wondering how to get rid of mice in your garage? A good place to start is by considering what you’re storing there. Paper products like old tax forms, notebooks, and encyclopedias can attract mice, termites, silverfish, and other pests, and keeping them out of the garage can prevent an infestation.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington area, Larry Myers Garage Doors is more than happy to consult with you and provide expert recommendations. Contact us today to get started! In the meantime, check out our blog, where we cover everything from creative garage storage ideas to how to fix a garage door gap.

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