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Three Ways We Can Personalize Your Lifestyle Screens

Garage Doors Plus, LLC can increase the fun-factor in your home by adding a lifestyle screen to your garage door entrance. How do lifestyle screens enhance your garage living space? Below we look at three ways we can custom design a lifestyle screen for you.


Custom Dimensions

The first item on our checklist is designing a screen that will fit into your garage doorway. A typical garage door is seven, eight, or nine feet tall and up to 12’ wide. Double car garage doors can span as far as 12 feet wide. The good news is that we can build your lifestyle screen to your doorway’s exact specifications up to 10 feet high. So if your doorway doesn’t quit fit the standard dimensions, it’s no problem. We’ll build it for you anyway.


Different Models

We offer different lifestyle screen models to suit your home’s design and your personal taste. Below are three of our most popular.


●        Hook and loop. The hook and loop is a simple screen that we can install straight to the top of your garage door opening. It contains zipper openings that are easy to get in and out of. When you’re finished using the screen simply roll it up.


●        Velcro mounted. Velcro mounted lifestyle screens are similar to hook and loop, but they are attached to the top of the garage door opening via velcro. Simply connect the velcro when you are using it, or pull the velcro away when you are finished.


●        Panel and track. The most popular type of lifestyle screen is the panel and track. It’s by far the easiest to use and requires little effort to open and close. The screen opens and closes on a track that is installed just below the garage door track. It is more sturdy than the other types of screens because it doesn’t bend or roll up. It contains a door in the middle of the screen. We can custom install your lifestyle screen to fit under your garage door.


Remote Control for Your Convenience

If you choose to go with panel and track screens, then we recommend going all the way with a remote system. You simply use your remote to open and close the screen whenever you need it. You can purchase a remote for your vehicle or a handy remote to go inside your garage. You also have the option of getting a wall panel.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC Can Install Your Lifestyle Screen

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits and features and a lifestyle screen, then contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC today. We can help you find the right model for your home. We install, repair, and maintain all lifestyle screens. Call us today at 612-760-7551. We are your screen specialists in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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