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The Importance of R-Value in Insulation Installation

Insulating your basement, attic or even the crawl space in your home can greatly impart to your home’s energy efficiency. You might ask how one knows how much insulation is ideal; well that is exactly what R-value is all about. Basically, R-value measures the capability of a building’s insulation to resist heat flow. The higher the value the better the insulation.

Importance of R-Value

If you live in Douglasville, GA and are looking to install insulation, you need to understand that the amount of insulation installed vary depending with the part of the house and the area where you live. Ideally, colder areas need more insulation than areas with warm climates. For the attic, insulation with a rating of R-38 or higher is good enough for warmer areas while those in cold climates require insulation with a minimum rating of R-49. When it comes to insulation of the floor, the States Department of Energy recommends a rating of R-11 for warm areas and R-25 for cold climates. However, venting and moisture issues must be taken into consideration when insulating floors. For walls, there are a host of materials that provide different levels of insulation ranging from R-11 to R-15. Insulation of walls is however limited by the width of the studs.

You can hire a professional technician to install insulation for you.  If you are looking to buy a new home, ensure the seller provides insulation information in the contract.  Contact Metro Garage Doors today to discuss insulation in your home!

Therefore, ensure your Douglasville, GA home is installed with insulation with the ideal R-value rating. Not only will this insulation reduce your energy costs but also make you for federal tax credit.

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