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The Importance of Insulation Enhancements for Spring

Insulation Douglasville

After this last winter’s long and cold days, most residents of Douglasville, GA will embark on a serious spring cleaning exercise as the temperatures begin to rise. As you prepare your spring cleaning checklist, energy efficiency should be top on the list. By adding attic insulation in spring, it can significantly bring down the energy use for the house – by almost 40%. This is because most office and home attics are where the biggest amount of energy is lost. The best time to add insulation to the attic is early spring just before the heat of summer kicks in and it gets unbearable to get into the attic. Insulation in spring time also helps keep your house cool during the hot summer days.

Insulation Enhancement Benefits

The first step when insulating the attic is to inspect the attic for any leakages. You want to ensure that every square inch of the attic is properly covered. You can actually get a contractor at Metro Garage Doors in Douglasville to do you a professional audit of the attic. The audit will help you establish where the weaknesses are and you can use that to get a rough estimate of approximately how much money you need for the insulation exercise.

A Douglasville, GA homeowner can use a variety of insulation enhancements to improve the energy efficiency and overall comfort of the house. These may include a blanket insulation, a blown insulation, a batt insulation and a radiant insulation. The type of insulation to use largely depends on the budget and personal preferences of the home owner. However, a good contractor at Metro Garage Doors should recommend the best option for your attic insulation.

Insulation of the attic in spring time is relatively affordable as opposed to doing it in peak seasons of summer or winter.

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