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The Five Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Your garage door might be relatively new, but a single upgrade goes a long way. Garage Doors Plus, LLC has a slew of upgrade, repair, and replacement options available. Our team can capably handle a variety of installation options, making sure your home is fortified for years to come. We can upgrade most garage door makes and models, and we’re always ready to serve our customers with the industry’s best technology.


If you want to upgrade your garage, consider these five options first:


Upgrade One: A Lifestyle Screen

Garage Doors Plus, LLC Lifestyle Screens can completely transform your garage. By creating a screened-in space, lifestyle screens protect a garage’s interior from insects, bad weather, and exterior temperatures. A Lifestyle Screen’s seamless design meshes perfectly with a pre-existing garage door, giving you full operational control no matter the occasion.


Upgrade Two: Spring Replacement

Next, you should consider upgrading your springs. Springs wear down over time, and they can render your garage area impractical. Stretched and corroded springs can also present safety issues. Rather than replacing your entire garage door system, consider upgrading with new springs.


Upgrade Three: A New Garage Door Track

New garage door rails can completely revamp your garage door’s operational ability. If your current rails are compromised at all, your garage door might not be able to function. Upgrade your system’s rails, and take advantage of smooth, high-function rails. Garage Doors Plus, LLC offers an assortment of track maintenance options, too, including same-day service, repair, and operational maintenance.


Upgrade Four: Battery Backup

Many garage door openers can be equipped with battery backup systems. If they aren’t, they’re best swapped out for those which are. Battery backup capabilities are vital for home security. If the power goes out, a system with battery backup will keep your vehicles safe. Battery backup is a leading garage door upgrade today, and it’s a great installation option.


Upgrade Five: Remote Entry

If you don’t have a remote entry control, you should pick one up. Modern garage door openers can be operated from a distance, but older houses might not be outfitted with remote garage entry. If you’re overhauling the garage, upgrade your opener with remote entry options.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC has serviced the Twin Cities area for year. We’re well-versed in the art of garage door installation, repair, and enhancement. If you want to learn more about your garage’s capabilities, contact our talented service team. We’re here to help, and we’re ready to upgrade your home’s most important area.

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