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The Benefits of Lifestyle Screens

Are you trying to find extra space in your home? Would you like to convert your garage into a livable space? Have you ever wanted to use your garage space for family gatherings and parties, but don’t want to stare at a garage door? Are you tired of bugs entering into your home through your garage doors? If you answered yes to any of these questions Metro Garage Doors of Douglasville, Georgia has the solution for you with the new Lifestyle Screen. A Lifestyle screen works like a screen for your front door. The Lifestyle Screen has tracks, casements, and frames are on the inside of the garage door. This makes your garage door 100% accessible. Now through the end of June, Metro Garage Doors has a great deal on the Lifestyle Screen. Contact us today, schedule your Lifestyle Screen installation, and start utilizing your garage space.  

Benefits of a Lifestyle Screen –Douglasville

The summer months in Douglasville, Georgia while hot and humid are full of outdoor fun. Everyone knows the true outdoor enjoyment comes when the sun goes down and the cool breeze comes in. To go indoors during this time would be a shame. With a Lifestyle Screen from Metro Garage Doors, you are able to enjoy the outdoors morning, noon or night. This is very beneficial for many reasons including one being to not worry about annoying bugs and pests entering into your home.

The Lifestyle Screen has been around since 2010 and appeals to all homeowners. When Metro Garage Doors installs your Lifestyle Screen, the tracks and frames are separate from the garage door and are not seen from the outside. It can also not be seen when the garage door is closed. The Lifestyle Screen also has several different features such as the privacy screen, solar screen, and no-see screens. When not in use the Lifestyle screen is stored out-of-sight horizontally. The Lifestyle Screen from Metro Garage Doors is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy One-Day Installation
  • Great for Entertainment
  • Blends with Homes exterior
  • Features a Door-Within-a-Door to allow easy entry and exit
  • Prevents Bugs and Pests from entering your home
  • Can Save Money Instead of Remodeling
  • Approved by Home Owners Associations across America

Metro Garage Doors Lifestyle Screen Installation –Douglasville, GA

Metro Garage Doors is Georgia’s number one garage door service, replacement, repair, and installation company. We are a family owned and operated company who has been serving Douglasville and the surrounding areas. We take pride in providing superior service to all our customers. Our technicians are honest, experienced and trained professionals that aim to exceed your expectations. This summer Metro Garage Door wants you to enjoy the outdoors through your garage with the Lifestyle Screen. The Lifestyle Screen from Metro Garage Doors is easy to operate, practical and affordable. Contact Metro Garage Doors today and schedule your Lifestyle Screen installation!

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