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The Attic Tent Is a Beneficial Addition To Your Home!

The addition of an Attic Tent to your home could be far more beneficial than you might think. Not only does it create a barrier between your attic space and living space, it can also help to keep insulation particles from leaking into your home. This can be very unhealthy while remaining notoriously hidden.

What Is The Attic Tent?

  • The Attic Tent is an insulated cover that shields the entrance or opening to your attic space.
  • It comes in several different size options and thicknesses.
  • It can cover several different opening types including attic stairs, knee-wall doors, scuttle holes and even full-size doors.
  • With a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Attic Tent will be an excellent addition to your home. In fact, you’re likely to wish you had known about this a long time ago!

What Are The Benefits Of The Attic Tent? 

  • A drop in your utility bills: this is the first thing you are likely to notice.
  • It is possible to save as much as 20% on your normal heating and cooling expenditures.
  • Many homeowners spend a great deal of money on replacement windows, storm windows and storm doors. The fact is, you are probably losing more heat and air conditioning through the entrance to your attic than through your windows and doors. 
  • The Attic Tent can also greatly decrease the amount of humidity that often finds its way into your home. This can also help to cut down on heating and cooling costs.
  • Lower humidity means a decrease in the chance of certain areas of your home growing mold. Mold can be incredibly toxic, especially to someone who is allergic, and you should take every measure possible to keep it out of your home.

Contact you local Attic Tent contractor – Metro Garage Doors

With all that in mind, you can expect to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with just the simple addition of an Attic Tent!  Contact us at Metro Garage Doors right away to find out how to have the Attic Tent installed in your home. We look forward to helping you!

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