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The 3 Types of Window Inserts for Garage Doors

Garage doors play a vital role in curbing the overall appeal of your house. Isn’t it?  A garage door with windows is even better as they can allow the natural light to shine into the door and can help improve the entire look of your property. Window inserts come in many distinct designs and are readily available in three forms, semi-circles, square-shaped and rectangular shapes.  This blog post describes the three types of garage door window inserts to help you distinguish between them so that you pull off a good deal in the end.

Decorative Trim

Known to be the gorgeous garage door window inserts, Decorative Trims are the most commonly employed window inserts to appreciate the design of your garage door. These decorative trims are installed into window frames of the garage doors at the time of installation. These window inserts can be of plastic, wood or glass and can be standard, carriage panel or long panel. To bring to your notice, the decorative trim window inserts need to be painted in order to protect it from the UltraViolet degradation or else you would detect them turning yellow. Available in various styles, colors and designs, these window inserts can make your garage door a stunner!

Glass Choices

Glass Choices are undoubtedly, the matchless garage door window inserts available in the market. These window inserts consist of insulated, tempered and lexane glasses, decorative acrylic lites to make your garage door look interesting, and solar bronze to enable organic sunlight to enter your garage door. The homeowners usually go for the frosted or stained glass choices because they are best for privacy. If you want to maintain a steady interior temperature, you can install the insulated glass window inserts however, tempered glass inserts provide security and durability.

Decorative Acrylic Lites

These window inserts are beveled leaded glasses and are available in various patterns. They come with added visual interest to add value to your beautiful home by offering your garage door a classic yet elegant look. These glasses also have glimmering prisms and are available in three unique designs, platinum, antique brass and simple brass.


Window inserts are undoubtedly, an essential component of your garage as they are capable of changing the entire look of your property. They are functional, beautiful and complement the architecture of your house. In case you are worried about making a wrong choice, you can be assured that you will get an array of decorative window styles to choose from so that you can give your home a distinct look. If you are in Phoenix, Arizona and want any type of services related to your garage door or want to get the window inserts installed, you can contact Phoenix Garage Door Experts and their representatives will get back to you in no time.

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