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Spring Cleaning? How About A New Garage Door!

Spring is in the air

Did you know spring cleaning is not just an annual affair that urges people to tidy up and downsize? It is actually rooted in history when back in the days of harsh winters and fire hearths homes were cleared of furniture and the whole family worked together to remove the build-up of soot and dirt from a long winter.

Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with such issues anymore with airtight windows and sealed doors but we often still carry on the tradition of spring cleaning. It’s hard to resist when the weather warms and we can open the windows and doors to fresh air.

When you take the time out to swap the winter rugs for summer welcome mats and cold-weather colors/implements for sunny, summertime items, the garage door is one change not to be neglected.

Garage Doors – Douglasville GA

There may be many reasons you would want to consider adding a new garage door (or repairing an existing one) to your list of spring cleaning tasks:

  • It is outdated/unattractive
  • It is damaged
  • It is not energy-efficient
  • It is not safe
  • Just want something different

No matter what the reason(s) may be, a recent cost vs. value report from indicates that garage door replacement is among the top three investments for homeowners who are remodeling.

Replacing an outdated garage door has the benefit of not only adding aesthetic value to your home, but your insurance rates could even improve with the addition of an updated garage door.

Garage Door Repairs vs Replacement

A damaged garage door can be as simple as replacing broken or non-functioning parts to replacing the entire door. The best way to determine which path to take is to have an expert meet with you to discuss options.

Many older garage doors were installed without consideration of energy efficiency but nowadays there is a large variety of energy-efficient residential garage doors to choose from.

A safe garage door is important for your garage and home. If your garage door does not adequately provide protection from the elements, intruders, or worse poses a safety risk by being in disrepair it is important to replace it.

Sometimes it all comes down to wanting to change to something new. Just as making a bed makes a bedroom look bigger and neater, having a new garage door is like giving a facelift to your beautiful home.

Garage doors are often overlooked until they stop working so now, as the weather warms, take a good look at the facade of your home and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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