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Single vs Double Door Garages: How to Choose

Choosing the right garage door revolves around more than just materials and garage door styles. Functionality is the number one priority for most of us, which is why it’s important to understand how different garage doors handle various situations. We’ve laid out our top pros and cons at Larry Myers to give some insight into one double garage door vs. two single garage doors.

Double-size, usually 14 to 16 feet wide

Pros of Double Door Garages

Less Routine Maintenance: One door means only one set of tracks and one automatic system to care for, while two garage doors will require twice the garage door maintenance and upkeep. For those who prioritize simplicity, one double door is a great option.

Lower Installation Costs: One double door may cost less to install depending on the material, effectively driving initial costs down. Although the acquisition cost is an important factor in the decision, don’t forget to consider long-term costs as well.

Cons of Double Garage Doors

Less Flexibility: If a double garage door breaks down, both vehicles could be unreachable until the garage door is repaired. For people on tight schedules or who rely solely on their vehicle, a single door can be a risk.

Higher Maintenance Costs: The increased weight of the double door can cause expensive problems, likely leading to higher maintenance costs in the long run. Even though single door owners only have to worry about one set of tracks and one system, the larger size leads to more prominent issues.

Two single doors, each around 8 to 10 feet wide

Pros of Single Garage Doors

More Flexibility: Two single garage doors are ideal for two-vehicle families with different work hours or for those who prefer to use half of the garage for storage. Additionally, if one single door malfunctions you’ll still have access to the other vehicle.

Better Temperature Control: If you live in an extreme climate and have trouble maintaining the temperature inside the garage, having the ability to open only one door will allow less hot or cold air in.

Cons of Single Garage Doors

Higher Electrical Costs: The daily operation of two separate garage doors can use more electricity than one double-sized door, therefore increasing electrical costs. While this is this is a less-obvious factor to consider in your total cost of ownership, if energy efficiency is important to you, it might be a deciding factor.

More Garage Maintenance: Garage doors require upkeep every few years, and two doors means two separate systems that will need to be maintained. This can potentially increase overall costs, especially if you use both doors regularly.


While garage functionality is key, it’s also important to consider your aesthetic preferences. What would a large single garage door look like on your house? What do other houses in the neighborhood have? Do you want your house to stand out or blend in? Browse our custom-made specialty garage doors or contact us today to help find the perfect garage door for your specific needs.

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