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Preventive Maintenance for Your Garage Door

A garage door is the heaviest & the largest moving part that comes in use every day in any house. Also, it is made up of several moving parts. These parts experience wear and tear over time, which can lead to potential safety problems some day or even a completely non-functioning door. Even snow, rains, winds and extreme temperature conditions can be brutal to the garage doors.

Why should you practice preventive maintenance for your garage door?

Having the garage door repaired periodically would extend the life of your garage door, dock levelers and door openers. You won’t have to experience a sudden shock of your door being non-functional. If you get it maintained regularly, a possible problem in the future could be avoided, which would also cost significantly less than the costs for repairing it while ensuring its smooth operation. Moreover, if you hire a company for preventive maintenance of your garage door, you receive extra benefits like discounts on repairing services, priority customer status and concessions on the replacement parts.

What does a preventive garage door maintenance program cover?

• Each garage door is inspected for safety at 18 points which includes all bearings, rollers, shafts, cables, chains, track, and alignment. While, the garage door opener is inspected at 16 points.

• All defective nuts & bolts are replaced or tightened. Hinges, drums, track brackets, couplings, and hangers are also tightened if need be.

• Rollers, cables & pulleys are lubricated to ensure proper functioning.

• Adjustment of all spring counterbalance assemblies is taken care of. The level of door and track spacing is also checked.

• Chains are tightened and limits are set for the switches.

• The transmitter batteries and keypad are checked. If needed, the batteries are replaced for free (up to 2).

Preventive garage door maintenance programs can be customized to fit you budget and the needs. These are very instrumental in avoiding an unexpected and costly repair later on. It is highly suggested to get in touch with Metro Garage Door today to take care of your garage door for you.

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