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Keep Your Garage Door Moving with Preventative Maintenance

If you recently had a new garage door installed by Garage Doors Plus, LLC, then you’ll want to schedule routine maintenance on your door to ensure that all the parts are working properly and your door stays in excellent condition. Below is a summary of our preventative maintenance service and why you need it.


Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Absolutely! Preventative maintenance reduces or eliminates the need for costly repairs that may occur down the road. Repairs can also lead to an even more expensive garage door replacement. You can avoid all of this by hiring our technicians to perform routine care on your door. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform all types of maintenance and repairs so that the door is opening and closing as it should.


Annual Inspections and Maintenance

Although there are different types of garage doors and openers, they all essentially perform the same function. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your entire system inspected at least once a year. Garage Doors Plus, LLC can provide comprehensive maintenance for every part of your garage door. Our inspection and maintenance service includes servicing the following parts:

●        Spings

●        End bearings

●        Stationary and set cones

●        Hinges

●        Door panels

●        Remotes and wall panels

●        Center bearings

●        Flat bracket

●        Rollers

●        Top roller bracket


Maintenance Can Prevent Injuries

According to the latest reports, as many as 18,000 injuries occur annually as a result of faulty garage door components. The two most common injuries are from doors falling on individuals and pinched fingers in between the panels. Unbalanced springs and frayed cables largely contribute to falling doors. Preventative maintenance can minimize the possibility of falling doors. It can also ensure your family’s safety, as well as reduce damage to vehicles and other items.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC is Ready to Inspect Your Garage Door

If you have never had your garage door inspected, then now is the time. An inspection followed up by routine maintenance will save you money and keep your family safe. Contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC today to schedule an assessment. In addition to inspection, we also offer brand new garage installation, major repairs, and total door replacement. We provide a wide range of services for residential properties across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 612-760-7551. You’ll be glad you did!

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