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How Much Does Your Garage Door Weigh?

Garage Door Weight – How to Tell How Much A Garage Door Weighs

There comes a time when home and business owners may need to know the weight of a garage door. Some customers may be looking to replace the torsion springs on their current system. Other customers might be on the market for a replacement door that will work with their current opening mechanism. No matter what your reasons are, having an accurate weight estimate is essential. Your friends at Metro Garage Doors are here to help you understand what impacts the weight of garage doors.

Why Does Weight Matter?

If you are replacing your garage door’s torsion springs, knowing the door’s weight is crucial to choosing the right springs. Different torsion springs can handle different amounts of weight. Having torsion springs that can handle a lot more than your garage door weighs is fine. However, installing torsion springs that can’t handle your door’s weight is dangerous.

Another instance where knowing a door’s weight is important is if you’re shopping for a new door. If you want to use your current automatic opener, you need to ensure your opener can handle the new door.

What Impacts a the Weight of a Garage Door?

Several things can impact a garage door’s weight. Some of these factors include:

  • Doorway size – the larger the doorway, the heavier the door.
  • Materials used – Glass garage doors are much heavier than wood doors.
  • Insulation – Insulation can add an extra 200 pounds to your door.
  • Doorway thickness – the thicker the doorway, the heavier the door.
  • Type of door – The type and design of the door will also impact its weight.
  • Amount of steel used – the more steel it has, the heavier it will be.
Call the Experts at Metro Garage Door

If you need to know the weight of a garage door, contact your friends at Metro Garage Doors. Although you might be tempted to use a weight calculator you find online, we can make sure you get an accurate figure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Metro Garage Door technician.


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