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Home Energy Audit during Summer

A Home energy audit in the summer make sense

After several months of dreary weather, summer now comes with warm days. Most of the homeowners are forced to look for ways of improving their home comfort. Most of them run their air conditioning unit nonstop and have registered an increase in home energy bills. The solution to this is by improving home performance by conducting a home energy audit.

Your home is a complex system that consists of different processes. When everything works in tandem, home performance is not a bother. Once a single aspect is not doing well that is insulation, HVAC system and air sealing, then everything else in that house is affected which results to a decrease in home performance.

Therefore, a test should be conducted in order to evaluate the overall health of your home. This will uncover all issues that may be persisting without your knowledge, leading to increased energy bills.

Why energy home Audit is important during summer-

Better indoor air quality-
The health and safety of your family should not be ignored. The quality of indoor air can lead to all kind of different health issues especially dirt, dust, mold and other contaminants associated with summer seasons. Home energy audit will alert you of any indoor air quality that exist and come up with a plan of fixing.

Reduced energy bills-
Not even one would want to spend more than is necessary on their home energy bill, though it happens most of the time. If you plan to improve home performance, then you should expect to pay less than your current energy bills.

Enhanced system longevity-
Now that its summer time, your home’s heating and cooling systems need to work harder than they should in order to regulate the temperatures properly, which results from poor insulation and air leaks.

Improved home comfort-
If your cooling systems aren’t working well, there is a possibility that your home won’t be comfortable as it could because of the warmth. Any issue present need to be uncovered and work towards improving the level of comfort for your home.

Therefore, as a home owner you need to check air duct leaks, insulation and HVAC systems in order to avoid high energy bills and also to make them effective during summer to regulate heat in the house.

Contact Metro Garage Door, Inc today to set up an appointment for a home energy audit to save you money!

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