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Garage Door Tune Up Benefits

Garage Door Tune-up –Metro Atlanta

It’s winter in Atlanta Georgia. Therefore as the temperatures continue to drop make sure your garage door doesn’t do the same. Many garage doors act as a primary entrance to your home. If this is the case for you, your garage door could open and close an average of 100 times per month. We are Metro Garage Doors and we provide the highest-quality garage door tune-up in the Metro Atlanta area. Our technicians are professional, courteous, reliable. They are also able to perform maintenance tune-ups on all makes and models of garage doors. This includes both residential and also commercial garage doors. February is the perfect time to get your Garage Door serviced. Give us a call today and schedule your garage door tune-up.

Benefits of a Garage Door Tune-up -Metro Atlanta

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. When signing up for a garage door tune-up you will receive many benefits including:

Lower Utility Bills: When your garage door has a damaged seal, the door will not insulate your home as designed. This means your heating and cooling bills will increase. With a Garage Door Tune-up maintenance from Metro Garage Doors, our technicians are able to make sure all gaps are properly sealed. This will help lower utility bills as well as secure your home and belongings.

Improved Safety: As the equipment on your garage door starts to age, the major components begin to malfunction and breakdown. The average garage door weighs around 175 pounds. Do you have a malfunctioning spring, hinge, track or bracket? If so this could lead to a devastating disaster from property damage to personal injury. With a Garage Door tune-up from Metro Garage Doors, our technicians will tune up all major components of your garage door, therefore ensuring your safety.

Extend the Equipment Life of your Garage Door: There are many reasons for your garage door to breakdown; one of the biggest threats is the Georgia weather. The winter months can bring ice and freezing temperatures. This can cause the springs to dry out, cables can become brittle and the springs can rust. Having your garage door maintenance done during the winter months can save you money, improve your safety and extend the equipment life of your garage door.

Metro Garage Doors performs a complete equipment tune-up including cleaning, tightening, lubricating and repairing all major components of your garage doors. Don’t let the winter weather get the best of your garage doors, contact us today!

Metro Garage Doors –Douglasville

At Metro Garage Doors, we have been serving the Metro Atlanta area in the garage door industry for over 25 years. We know garage doors are an extension of your home and in many instances act as the main entrance to a home. That is why we take pride in ensuring the safety and quality of your garage door. When it comes to your home and its safety don’t forget your garage doors. Many homeowners are not aware of a garage door problem until there is a complete breakdown leaving the door stuck in the down position or the door crashing to the ground.

When it comes to your garage doors trust the experts at Metro Garage Doors for your garage door service and repair. Contact us today and schedule your garage door tune-up.

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