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Garage Door Opener Safety

Garage Door Opener Safety

Strict safety standards regarding the manufacture of garage door openers
ensure that only the best garage door openers are available to
consumers. You tend to take the convenience of a garage door opener for
granted until it doesn’t work or an accident occurs. The novelty of a
garage door that goes up and down as the push of a button fascinates
children and they like to play the openers a lot. Some children made a
game of trying to get in and out of the garage before the door closed.
This led to accidents where children were injured leading manufacturers
to develop safer features to add to the opening devices.

Governments also played a part in the development of safety features that stopped
garage doors from closing when there was something in the way. Today,
garage openers contain a safety feature that will automatically open the
door all the way when the door hits something on the way down. Since
1993, laws have been in place that require all manufacturers to equip
the automatic garage door openers with photoelectric and
pressure-related sensors. The installation of sensors causes garage
doors to stop the closing operation when they come in contact with an
object. As soon as they hit something, they reverse direction.

The photoelectric sensors contain electric eyes on both sides of the door
about six inches from the ground. If anything crosses the path of these
eyes while the door is closing, the eyes will stop the operation. With
the pressure related sensors, the door has to hit something before it
stops. The problem is that the weight of garage doors hitting a small
child can still cause a lot of injuries. Although garage door openers
have been greatly improved, owners should still make sure that there are
no small children playing in the area when they are opening and closing
their garage doors.

In order for the sensors to work properly,  your garage door needs to be kept in good condition. You will need to check them often and keep them lubricated. The doors manual will usually
have instructions on how to perform maintenance on it. You will have to
review the door itself and the torsion springs.

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