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Four Factors To Consider When Shopping For A New Garage Door

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Deciding on a new garage door isn’t as simple as it might appear at first glance–even if you have already narrowed down your search to CHI doors. There are still many factors to take into account before settling on your new model. If you would like to learn more about finding the best possible garage door for your home, read on. This article will discuss four things you must be sure to consider. 


Start by thinking about the overall aesthetics of the door. Carriage house style doors are an increasingly popular throwback look. Raised and recessed panels also appeal to many people. Decide whether or not you want the garage door to contain windows–and, if so, where. Talking with a garage door sales person is a great way to familiarize yourself with the various options available today. 


Now you need to consider the material out of which your door will be constructed. Steel offers the greatest amount of security–as well as the least amount of maintenance–yet costs more than other materials. Wood, aluminum, and fiberglass are all great options for those operating on more of a budget. 

Construction Quality 

Regardless of the material you select, it will be possible to upgrade the construction quality of your door regarding such categories as: 

  • energy efficiency (example: insulation)
  • noise reduction
  • overall structural stability 

It is worth spending more on such features for those who use their garage not only as a place to store their car, but also as a workshop, tool room, or hangout area. 

Finishing Touches 

Now that you’ve settled on the nuts and bolts of your new garage door, it’s time to have a little fun custom-tailoring the details. Decide on what color you’d like the door painted. Also think about augmenting your door’s appearance with customized hardware and other decorative flourishes.

Visit the CHI Garage Door Design Center to see what your door can look like.

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