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Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplaces – Douglasville

Douglasville, GA is located at the Southern Eastern United States. This is one of the cities that is quite known for fluctuating temperatures throughout the seasons.  But, don’t let the fluctuations fool you – your home still needs a fireplace to keep you warm in the chilly months of winter.

Fireplace Maintenance

Gas fireplaces come with great ease, convenience and are very cost effective. The winter chill is familiar to us in Douglasville; therefore it’s quite important to have a bit of warmth and ambiance in your home. Some hazardous things can happen during the winter season related to fireplaces. That’s why it is highly important that your fireplace logs are well service and maintained.

In Douglasville, GA maintenance is key to safety. It is the initiative of residents to ensure that their gas fireplaces are well serviced and maintained to avoid calamities such as fire breakouts. Fire breakouts in houses are normally caused by gas leaks or poorly maintained fireplaces.  Servicing should be done on an annual basis and especially in the fall just before you use your fireplace for the first time.

Another place that needs proper maintenance is the chimney. Therefore ensure that your fireplaces are well cleaned for to avoid carbon monoxide affecting your system. Carbon monoxide is commonly caused by poor ventilation and this is why your fireplace should be well ventilated.

Fireplace Safety Tips

Again, safety is key related to your home’s fireplace.  Here are some safety tips for you this winter season.

  • Make sure not to use it as a furnace to heat your entire home.  Fireplaces should only be used for a short timeframe.
  • Make sure there aren’t any flammable objects near your fireplace.
  • Before making a fire or turning on your gas logs, open any glass doors and make sure there is enough ventilation.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • If you have gas logs, refer to your owner’s manual when lighting the pilot light.
  • If you are using wood, make sure your fireplace flue is open before you start the fire.
  • Invest in a good chimney cap to keep small wildlife, debris, and other items out of your chimney.
  • Keep an eye on small children when you have a fire burning.
  • Install smoke detectors in your home.

Contact Fireplace Experts – Douglasville

Contact Metro Garage Doors for your fireplace inspection, maintenance, and repair.  We have been serving the Douglasville area for over 20 years.


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