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Drive Belt Garage Door Openers Benefits

Spring is in full swing in Douglasville, Georgia but if your garage door is no longer safe, makes funny noises or is experiencing power back-ups then you need a new belt driven garage door opener from Metro Garage Doors. Metro Garage Doors has been serving the Douglasville area since 1992. We are the premier provider for residential and commercial garage door installations, repairs and maintenance. We also provide fireplace installation, maintenance along with insulation in your home or office. We want you to have total access to your home or office with a push of a button. Now through the end of April, we have a great deal on a belt driven garage door opener. Not sure, you need a new garage door, no problem our technicians would be happy to assess your garage door and provide a free estimate. Read below and find out how you would benefit from a belt driven garage door opener in your home.

Benefits of a Belt Driven Garage Door Opener –Douglasville

A belt driven garage door opener operates with a rubber style belt that runs the length of the rail. This belt operates the same way that a chain would, but runs smoothly, with no door jumping and no metal squeaking. The benefits of a belt driven garage door far outweigh the cost and include:

  • Less Noise: There are three types of garage door openers, chain driven, screw driven and belt driven. Of the three, a belt driven garage door opener is the quietest. The motor is quieter on a belt driven garage door opener due to the unique way the belt interacts with the rail system.
  • Power: Because a belt driven garage door opener spreads the weight of the door onto the entire belt and not individual links like a chain driven garage door opener, it can be very powerful. This is especially useful for single car garage doors.
  • Ease of Use: While the installation of a belt driven garage door opener is best done by our professional technicians its ease of use is amazing. The belt driven garage door opener gives you many control options to choose from including car controls, key controls, garage controls and in house controls.

In addition, belt driven garage doors are known for their speed and bright lights. When it comes to the entry of your home call Metro Garage Doors.

Metro Garage Doors Belt Driven Garage Door, Douglasville, GA

Metro Garage Doors is a family owned and operated company. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior customer service and immense value to your home. With your new belt driven garage door opener, you will receive a powerful, easy to use, quiet and secure entry into your home. At Metro Garage Doors, we take pride in offering superior customer service with excellent quality parts. We carry many different types of garage door manufacturers as well as parts for supplies and repairs. Our technicians are friendly, professional and trustworthy. We offer a free estimate and always guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction. This spring make sure your garage door is operating smoothly, quietly and with ease. Contact Metro Garage Doors today and schedule your belt driven garage door opener installation.                           

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