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3 Ways to Make Your Lifestyle Screen Work All Winter Long

If you already have a Lifestyle Screen, you know how versatile they make your garage. In addition to being easy to use, a Lifestyle Screen fully retracts, so you have full use of the entire garage door space. Did you know that there are accessories that you can use with your Lifestyle Screen to transform your garage into a useful space long after the long days of summer have passed?


1.      Make a Four Season Space With a Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover
With the Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover, your garage can become a place for you to enjoy all year round. Even when it’s cold outside, the Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover can stop the chilly air from coming into your garage. Easy to install since it easily mounts to the inside of your Lifestyle Screen frame, this specially designed cover allows you to easily see outside while you do chores inside the garage.

2.      Enjoy the Convenience of a Center Retractable Passage Door
Add a Center Retractable Passage Door to your Lifestyle Screen and you won’t have to lift the screen up and down to enter and leave the garage. Bring down the Lifestyle Screen to capture the warmth of the winter sun as you exit to take over snow removal duty.

3.      Add a Pet Keeper
If you’re like many pet owners, you want this member of the family to enjoy the garage all year round, too. Due to the nature of their design, a Lifestyle Screen does not reach all the way to the floor of your garage. Sometimes, pets like small dogs or cats, are able to squeeze under the bottom of the Lifestyle Screen, making it possible for the animal to become lost.


Because large animals like dogs can also exit the garage under the unsecured screen fabric at the bottom of the door, a specially designed Pet Keeper Screen is available as an accessory. Installing this Pet Keeper Screen successfully impedes the progress that pets can sometimes make in getting under the Lifestyle Screen.


At Garage Doors Plus, LLC, we are an authorized Lifestyle Screens dealer. With their innovative garage door screen system, Lifestyle Screens and Garage Doors Plus, LLC strive to make your enjoyment of your garage even more complete. Contact them today if you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment.

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