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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage

You park your car in the garage. You step outside of the car and ack! A trail of ants is marching across the floor in front of you—or worse, you spot a rat scurrying to its newest hiding place. Not fun! This Halloween season, how can you keep those spooky little critters out of your garage? Read on for tips and tricks from your Portland, OR-area garage experts.

Tip #1: Check for Gaps in Your Garage Door

How are these pests getting into your garage in the first place? Identifying the entry point is a key place to start.

Are there gaps in the garage door? Cracks in the foundation or walls? Are windows properly sealed? It might be time to call a garage door professional. For tips on how to diagnose – and fix – a garage door gap, hop on over to our September blog.

Tip #2: Clean Your Garage

What’s drawing pests from the outside in? Does your garage have favorable environmental conditions for pests? Is food waste creating an irresistible temptation?

  • Remove excess moisture. Since moisture can attract certain insect species, use a fan to dry off any areas with noticeable moisture.
  • Store items off the ground. Critters love little boxes and dark areas to hide in. Move boxes onto shelving and sweep those floors clean.
  • Remove food temptations. Keep food waste, such as trash, out of the garage. If you need to keep trash in the garage, make sure the can is properly sealed. If you use a grill that’s stored in the garage, clean it regularly.

Tip #3: Eliminate Existing Pests

If you’ve identified the specific type of pest that’s infested your garage, set up traps or repellents in the corners of your garage. If you need professional help, call a local pest extermination company in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA-area to get the problem under control.

Tip #4: Prevent Future Infestations

In addition to making sure your garage door is properly sealed, as mentioned in Tip #1, we recommend that you proactively protect the perimeter of your garage. Explore different types of organic pesticides that you can spray across the garage entrance, creating an insect pest barrier.

Call the Professionals

We hope that you found these tips to be helpful! Here at Larry Myers Garage Doors, we’re a family of garage door experts who are here to help. If you have any questions or want to troubleshoot additional garage problems, we’re just a phone call away.

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Why You Need a Battery Backup for Your Garage Door

Harsh winters and severe storms during the spring and summer in Minnesota can cause the power to go out. Electrical currents can also be cut during a power surge. In either case, having the ability to open and close your garage door could prove to be valuable during cringeworthy moments. Below we explore how a backup battery can keep your garage door working when the rest of house goes dark.


What is a Garage Door Battery?

A garage door battery is a compact 12-volt battery unit that supplies power to all electronic components within the garage door system. These types of batteries have become increasingly popular with home and business owners across Minneapolis and St. Paul. The battery is a backup unit. This means that, after we install the battery, it lies dormant and full of energy until its use is required. In most cases, homeowners will use very little of the battery, because they only need it when the power is gone.


How Long Does a Backup Battery Keep a Charge?

Considering the battery is only used to open and close a garage door a few times out of the year, it will remain charged long after power is restored to the entire house. Remember, a 12-volt battery gets its charge directly from your electrical system, so it is always powered up and ready to go. With that in mind, a fully charged battery should last 20 cycles. A full cycle includes both a door opening and closing.


Professional Battery Installation

Whether you’re installing a brand new garage door system or looking to upgrade your current system, we can add a brand new battery backup to your garage door opener, so you are prepared to open and close the garage door during a power outage. We will integrate the battery directly into your home’s electrical system so that you will always have a charged battery. You’ll never have to worry about opening or closing your garage door again.


Get a Brand New Backup Battery from Garage Doors Plus, LLC

At Garage Doors Plus LLC we offer a wide variety of garage door services that include garage door repair, garage door replacement, and garage door installation. We can custom install the right door that suits your taste and style. We also offer garage door opener, track, and spring replacement as well as garage door screens. Call us today at 612-760-7551 for a free estimate. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul’s leading garage door company!

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Replacing a Garage Door Hinge or Roller

Almost all current day garage doors include 4 to 5 places that will extend within the total thickness of the opening, and therefore are associated with rotates. Just about every pivot part includes a attach for a roller that will autos within an guide trail with every aspect of the door, which usually become a member of two increase in addition to lower the door down the guide monitors. The actual progressions pertaining to supplanting the actual roller brackets on the top as well as the base of the door distinction from the rotates at the center.

Supplanting a Top Roller

1. Shut the actual garage door while using electric garage door opener, if you are geared up. Yank around the door discharge deal with, in addition to touch the actual garage door remote’s capture to increase the actual garage door opener’s buggy. Different the actual garage door opener’s electro-mechanical chain from the wall plug if the buggy quits relocating.

2. A couple of. Loosen up the actual fix that will obtains the very best roller attach for the door with an addition set. Glide the actual retainer part while using roller hooked up from the attach. Place the actual roller center inner to be able to discharge the actual roller from the door funnel. Glide the actual roller center from the part.

3. Embed a different roller into your part. Placement the actual roller from an advantage in addition to ease the front advantage of the roller into your trail, previous to transforming the actual center toward the door in addition to modifying the actual part for the fix around the attach. Correct the actual fanatic with an addition set to be able to protected the actual roller in addition to part for the attach. Rehash while using other best roller in the event important.

4. Select the actual garage door opener over in the wall plug, in addition to press the actual capture around the out of the way to bring straight down the actual buggy until that contacts while using door’s buggy arm. Elevate in addition to lower the door to try the actual operation of the completely new roller.

Supplanting a new Joint in addition to Roller

1. Shut the actual garage door, discharge the actual electric garage door opener’s buggy in addition to raise the buggy. Disengage the actual garage door opener’s piece of string from the wall plug.

2. Get rid of the actual nuts from the nails previously mentioned in addition to beneath the depend on the door having an addition set. Yank the actual pivot far from the door, figuring out the actual center of the roller so the roller is dropped from the trail.

3. Embed a different roller into your completely new pivot’s roller attach. Spot the front advantage of the roller into your trail, next pivot the actual pivot in addition to roller toward the door, in addition to place the actual growing breaks around the pivot within the jolts around the door. Safeguarded the actual pivot for the door through solving the actual nuts with an addition set. Rehash the actual technique together with whatever other rotates together with rollers.

4. Select the actual garage door opener’s electro-mechanical chain into your wall plug, in addition to press the actual remote’s capture to be able to begin the actual garage door opener. With the place when the buggy button snaps into your buggy arm, raise in addition to lower the door to try the newest rotates in addition to rollers.

Supplanting a new Base Roller

1. Improve the garage door, next repulse the actual electric  garage door opener’s vitality line from the electro-mechanical wall plug. Yank the actual piece of string deal with to be able to discharge the actual buggy.

2. A couple of. Spot a new C-clasp into your trail inverse alongside it of the door exactly where you intend to be able to supplant the actual roller. Correct the actual C-cinch into your trail about 12 in. beneath the maximum place of the door opening.

3. Obtain the bridging place of the immediately, top to bottom trail as well as the 90-degree elbow area of the trail simply beneath harmed roller. Distort the actual bended top of the immediately trail region simply beneath bridging place together with a few slip-joint pincers. This particular curve must be enough vast how the roller can be stowed out of the trail.

4. Rotate the door descending personally until the roller concentrates inside very best message of the distort inside funnel.

5. Spot a new screwdriver between your bowed advantage of the funnel as well as the roller. Pry around the screwdriver to be able to push the actual roller out of the trail. Yank the actual advantage of the garage door inner, until the roller clears the actual trail.

6. Slide the actual old roller out of the center attach. Glide a different roller into your attach. Push the door yet again in place neighboring the actual trail, next slip the actual roller into your trail. Glide the actual garage door up so the completely new roller is inside of the elbow little the actual trail. Fix the actual turned trail message having a mallet to send back that to be able to the one of a kind condition. Rehash the procedure while using other base roller in the event important.

7. Associate the actual buggy arm for the electric garage door opener’s buggy. Select inside garage door opener in addition to test out the actual operation of the door.

Therefore Phoenix Garage Door Experts also provides the best garage door repair services as well.

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Phoenix Garage Door Experts: How to Fix the Broken Garage Door?

Garages have become important parts of our homes. Not just for housing automobiles, garages serve various purposes including, being workshops, storage rooms and utility areas. To others, the garage door is the main entrance to the house. Having a broken garage door is very inconvenient and can make your home feel insecure.

There are manually operated garage doors and automatic doors. How well the garage door works, is dependent on proper balancing of its weight. Often when garage door breakdown, it has to do with the springs. It is easy not to notice how essential a garage door is until it fails. Many people fear to repair garage doors on their own because they assume it is complicated. However, when you look up tutorials on garage door it appears simple but, it is best you get an expert for the job. That is why Phoenix Garage Door Experts are here.

Here are the recommended steps and tips on fixing your garage door:

1. Pick out an expert

Choosing the man for the job should be taken quite seriously. When hiring ensure you know how efficient the company you choose is and that they are professional. Most companies are quick to sell you new doors to replace the current one, instead of repair. This is quite an expensive option. For Phoenix Garage Door Experts they offer quality services at the same time save you money. They offer repair services, and discounts that stretch your dollar. Their agents respond to you within an hour; saving you time.

2. Identify your spring

Most garage problems have to do with the springs. Different doors use different springs; Torsion or Extensions. Extension springs are located on both sides of the door. They function like rubber bands since they stretch when the door is being lowered. Torsion’s springs are found in the top bar. They wind under tension lifting the garage door.

3. Purchase new springs

Once you’ve established the springs the door requires, get new ones. It is advisable to replace all the springs at the same time. Having old and new springs on the same door is a recipe for disaster. The former worn spring is set to fail anytime soon if not replaced. Furthermore, having such two springs causes an imbalance of your garage door and encourages burn out on the door openers. This means you’ll need garage door opener repairs. Why would you want any more hassles and headaches from your garage door?

Springs have different pricing depending on size, cycles, quality and coating. With an expert from Phoenix Garage Door Experts, it is way easier. They’ll measure the size of spring your garage door needs, get you a spring that will resist rust for the longest time. They not only guarantee to get you the best springs but also offer them at good prices.

4. Installation

Phoenix Garage Door Experts save from the risk associated with DIY installations. Such a procedure can have deadly outcomes if not carried out with the know how. Their agents are trained and experienced in repairing garage doors. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 services; so they are available any time of the day.

If you reside within Phoenix, Arizona and are experiencing trouble with your garage door, do not hesitate to contact Phoenix Garage Door Experts. They offer a broad range of affordable services related to garage door opener repair, installation and maintenance services including, garage door inspection and maintenance.

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How to Replace Broken Garage Door Rollers?

With time garage door get old, the rollers are not an exception. Rollers become worn off and thus may need to be repaired or replaced. Apart from that, the wheels come of, that is normal, do not panic. When such happens it is recommendable to contact garage door repair service provider such as phoenix and have your garage door roller repaired. Alternatively Follow the instruction given below for garage door roller replacement. Ensure that you have purchased a quality roller for the replacement as poor quality rollers end up not lasting and hence seem like a waste of your money.

Before we check on the how let us first look at what we need in order to achieve the replacement task.
The following are the tools you should assemble:

Ladder for accessing the upper side of the garage door
Power drill for drilling holes on the wall
penetrating oil for lubrication
Screw driver
Safety glasses for protection
Scrap 2 by 4 inch board

After collecting all the necessary tools, then we can say you are half way done. Just keenly follow the instructions on how to do the garage door roller replacement.
The following are the steps to be followed when doing garage door roller repair:

1. Place 2 by 4 bracing under the open garage door for support. This ensures stability of the garage door panel hence minimize danger of the garage door moving down during replacement of broken garage door rollers.

2. Unbolt the nuts that holds the broken hardware being replaced. To help loosen the bolts, spray some penetrating oil on them. Ensure that you protect your eyes using protection goggles.

3. Get rid of the old bracket, the metal stripping and hardware on it to pave room for a new set. This should be done with caution as rusty metal parts can cause injuries and infections when they cut flesh.

4. First try out if the new bracket can still use any of the bolts you are having. Sometimes it may force you to drill new holes for the new bolts, if so drill through the garage door.

5. Using the hammer, drive the bolts in from exterior side of the garage door carefully. Ensure you do not break the bolts as you hammer.

6. Site the wheel into the new bracket and position the bracket in such a manner that the wheel is held in the track.

7. Fasten brackets with nuts, and then tighten them after the wheel is placed appropriately.

8. Do the same process to the other side of the garage door. Finally, test whether the rollers are working properly and that the garage door panel is balanced and fixed properly.

Rollers do have bearings inside them and rolls up and down the truck as there name suggests. They can sometimes be noisy or sticky such that they become annoying and hence need replacement. Ensure that you frequently lubricate them to reduce chances of rusting and also reduce friction. The garage door rollers sometimes seize up. This is not uncommon, if such happen just consider replacement of the rollers.

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Garage Door Repair Phoenix News & Articles March 2016

Replacing a Garage Door Hinge or Roller

Almost all current day garage doors include 4 to 5 places that will extend within the total thickness of the opening, and therefore are associated with rotates.

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Phoenix Garage Door Experts: How to Fix the Broken Garage Door?

Garages have become important parts of our homes. Not just for housing automobiles, garages serve various purposes including, being workshops, storage rooms and utility areas.

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How to Replace Broken Garage Door Rollers?

With time garage door get old, the rollers are not an exception. Rollers become worn off and thus may need to be repaired or replaced. Apart from that, the wheels come of, that is normal, do not panic.

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5 Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

A garage door needs regular maintenance for it to function properly. Most homeowners’ neglect this task that should be done immediately and regularly after garage door installation and eventually suffers damages and extra costs that could have been avoided if they did the maintenance early enough.

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Get a Brand New Garage Door Installed For Only $249 by Phoenix Garage Door Experts

With no hidden charges, this offer is incredibly one of a kind. Have your garage door replaced with a new one and installed for only $249 by us.

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How To Fix Off-Track Garage Door Rollers?

The bright eyes and innocence of children make it hard to believe that this world could be a dangerous place for them. Even within your own home, there are multiple things that may lead to injuries to your kids. The garage is, undoubtedly, one of those areas and any glitch in the garage door device may cause serious wounds. When garage door accidents happen, there are numerous injuries that can occur. In case of children, the severity of the damage is usually greater since they are smaller and are more vulnerable to heavy weight.

Accidents could be the result of multiple flaws in the colossal garage door device; the most common reason being derailment of the garage door. If you happen to come across off-track garage doors, do not attempt to operate the garage door yourself or with an automated garage door opener. Apart from accidents, off-track garage door rollers may also lead to squeaking, rattling and grinding of your garage. To avoid inconvenient garage door hazards, it is better to quickly fix the problems in the garage door. Let’s unleash some of the trusted ways to fix off-track garage door rollers.

1) Re-tighten all nuts and bolts: Using a socket wrench, it is advisable to tighten the nuts and bolts. Over time, some of the garage door bolts weaken and this may eventually lead the garage door to come off-track.

2) Check for malfunctioning rollers and hinges: Many track rollers have uncovered bearings that get self-destructed after years of operation. The destruction could be so severe that the garage door rollers actually wobble as the garage door operates.

3) Check the springs of the garage door: If your garage door uses torsion springs fixed on the header, never attempt to replace the garage door rollers. The garage door brackets are under constant tension; thus replacing the bottom rollers may incite harm.

4) Check the opener chain: A loose and dysfunctional garage door opener chain makes jerky garage door movements that blow the garage door rollers against the tracks. It is, thus, important to tighten the chains and lubricate the garage door opener track with grease.


5) Readjust tracks: It is important to check the alignment of garage door tracks and rollers at periodical intervals.

6) A Note of Caution: A garage door is a gigantic device and fixing the garage door glitches without any training may result in the wastage of time, effort and money. Only specialists have a complete comprehension of all the garage door components and also have access to all the garage door tools; this helps them to carry out the services by considering all the safety measures.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Service Provider

An average garage door is a gigantic device and all the sub-components play an integral role in the smooth operation of the garage door. Handling the garage door rollers, springs, screws, drums and cables by an inexperienced and unprofessional service provider can turn out to be risky and also shell out a huge amount of money in the long-run. Knowledgeable professionals will not only rectify all the issues in the garage door, but they can also choose the perfect garage door components for your garage door. If you’ve been planning to replace the rollers of your garage door, the experts can always select the most suitable component that matches the quality standards without burning a hole in your pocket.

Apart from premium quality services, a garage door service provider also takes care of all the safety measures to provide you hassle-free and safe garage door repair services. Before choosing the perfect garage door service provider, it is advisable to check the reviews and testimonials of past customers. This provides an unbiased feedback and helps you to make the perfect decision. Checking the license and accreditation are equally important to get a fair idea about the quality of service provider.

If you happen to reside in Phoenix, you can choose to contact the trained specialists of Phoenix Garage Door Experts. Here, we pride in a team of knowledgeable service professionals who undergo years of training to complete the garage door services with perfection. Are you facing the trouble of off-track garage door rollers? Look no further. Our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals are always at your service to take care of all your garage door issues.

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The 3 Types of Window Inserts for Garage Doors

Garage doors play a vital role in curbing the overall appeal of your house. Isn’t it?  A garage door with windows is even better as they can allow the natural light to shine into the door and can help improve the entire look of your property. Window inserts come in many distinct designs and are readily available in three forms, semi-circles, square-shaped and rectangular shapes.  This blog post describes the three types of garage door window inserts to help you distinguish between them so that you pull off a good deal in the end.

Decorative Trim

Known to be the gorgeous garage door window inserts, Decorative Trims are the most commonly employed window inserts to appreciate the design of your garage door. These decorative trims are installed into window frames of the garage doors at the time of installation. These window inserts can be of plastic, wood or glass and can be standard, carriage panel or long panel. To bring to your notice, the decorative trim window inserts need to be painted in order to protect it from the UltraViolet degradation or else you would detect them turning yellow. Available in various styles, colors and designs, these window inserts can make your garage door a stunner!

Glass Choices

Glass Choices are undoubtedly, the matchless garage door window inserts available in the market. These window inserts consist of insulated, tempered and lexane glasses, decorative acrylic lites to make your garage door look interesting, and solar bronze to enable organic sunlight to enter your garage door. The homeowners usually go for the frosted or stained glass choices because they are best for privacy. If you want to maintain a steady interior temperature, you can install the insulated glass window inserts however, tempered glass inserts provide security and durability.

Decorative Acrylic Lites

These window inserts are beveled leaded glasses and are available in various patterns. They come with added visual interest to add value to your beautiful home by offering your garage door a classic yet elegant look. These glasses also have glimmering prisms and are available in three unique designs, platinum, antique brass and simple brass.


Window inserts are undoubtedly, an essential component of your garage as they are capable of changing the entire look of your property. They are functional, beautiful and complement the architecture of your house. In case you are worried about making a wrong choice, you can be assured that you will get an array of decorative window styles to choose from so that you can give your home a distinct look. If you are in Phoenix, Arizona and want any type of services related to your garage door or want to get the window inserts installed, you can contact Phoenix Garage Door Experts and their representatives will get back to you in no time.

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How to Insulate a Garage Door Yourself?

Did you know that an insulated garage door can keep your garage space about 12 degrees warmer in winters and 25 degrees cooler in the summer? Adequate garage door insulation can make your life warmer, cooler and definitely quieter. Insulating a garage door is beneficial for multiple reasons. Be it woodworking, lifting heavy weights in a home gym or a space for automobile tinkering, there are multiple reasons why you want your garage space to be comfortable. In this blog, we discuss the some DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques to insulate garage doors.

Matching Insulation to Your Garage Door

The first step is to select an insulation that’s easy to install and appropriate for the climate. Steel garage doors can easily accommodate any type of garage door insulation. In fiberglass garage doors, you can choose to use the flexible insulation frames.

Gather the Materials

The first step is to collect adequate tools to carry out the process. A knife or blade to cut the foam board, a measuring tape or metal yardstick and 4 sheets of foil-based foam.
4 sheets of 8’x 4’ foil-faced foam that are usually enough for standard 2 car garage doors.

Measure and Cut Precisely

Once you have gathered all the garage door materials, measure the size of each garage door panel. When it comes to the foam, cut the foam into rectangles and make sure and add about an inch to the shorter dimensions. This is done mainly because the panels are slightly larger than the actual framing. Again, it is important to make sure that the measurements are taken with precision as slight mishandling may end up creating air gaps.

Measure Each Panel Individually

If you wish to save yourself from the headache of wasted materials, measure each garage door panel individually. It is wrong to assume that all the panels will be of the exact size. Once you are done you have the advantage of a radiant barrier to help you keep radiant heat out in the summer.

Test the Garage Door

An adequately balanced garage door needs to stay in place. Though insulation adds weight to the garage door, it may hamper the balance of the garage door leaving the garage door in an unbalanced state; this may in turn damage your garage door opener. Once you complete the insulation process, make sure that you check the balance of the garage door.


Garage door insulation cuts on energy bills and also reduces street noise giving you quiet space. Executing the DIY process for garage door insulation is simple but it is always important to make sure that the work is completed with precision. But, when it comes to garage door, it is always better to avail the assistance of garage door service professionals. Phoenix Garage Door Experts houses a team of seasoned professionals who can complete the garage door insulation process with precision.

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Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

Buying a garage door is a difficult task if you have no knowledge about their types, material and designs. You must research for the right garage door that you need to incorporate in your house. Garage doors are of several types meant for residential and commercial purposes and are made of steel, aluminum, wood. You need to choose the door that best fits in your area which is quiet and easy to operate. There are certain things that you need to know before buying a garage door.

Cost of a New Garage Door

A new garage door cost depends on the type and material of the door you are going to choose. The patterns and designs adds up in the value of the door. When you buy a new garage door, the overall price include tracks, associated adhesives fasteners and connectors. Do not try to install the garage door on your own as it might be risky and pose a high risk of personal injury. accidents. Insulation of the door is another factor that adds up into the cost of the door. However, insulation doors are best for extreme climatic conditions. The higher the R-value the better will be the insulation of your garage via garage door.

Installation Cost

Installing of a new garage door costs include an electric wiring, heavy installation of the door and removal of the old garage door along with its damaged wiring if you have one. The material, style and the installation of the garage door opener increases the installation cost of your door and have an impact on the final price. High-tech doors with thick insulation, interior surfaces and energy efficient glaze and other significant upgrades are more expensive but are extremely durable.

Replacement Considerations

If you want to replace the entire garage door, it will cost you almost equal to the installation of a new garage door. Most homeowners replace their old garage doors due to poor wiring’s, broken panels and poor functioning of the door. In order to enhance the look of their home, they need new designs, styles and patterns. In addition there are several doors available that are easy to operate and quick in its functioning.


If you’re planning to install a new garage door in your house this Christmas, call us at Phoenix Garage Door Experts. We offer you high quality installation of doors with years of free maintenance and warranty. We have a well-equipped team of professionals who  perform their job without consuming your valuable time. Our services are affordable and we are offering several Christmas discounts to our valuable customers. Hire us for the best garage door services in your city!

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