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How To Make Your Driveway The Envy Of Your Neighborhood

In every neighborhood some homes command more attention than others. Eye-catching aspects of these homes might be an individual item or a combination of items, Read More

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When to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

If own an older home, there’s a good chance that your current garage door opener is outdated. But garage door openers can last a surprisingly long amount of time, so how do you know when it’s time to replace? Our garage door repair experts review 6 reasons why you should upgrade your overhead garage door opener.

Your Opener is Noisy

If it feels like your entire neighborhood can hear your garage door opening and closing, it might be time for an upgrade. Many older openers utilize a chain drive, which can be quite loud. Belt drive and screw drive garage door openers both provide a less noisy alternative. Even modern chain drive openers are much quieter than the older chain drive versions.

Your Opener Has No Safety Reversal Feature

If your garage door opener has a safety reversal feature, the door will automatically reverse if an object passes underneath it while it is in motion. This feature is especially valuable if you have children or pets. Reversal mechanisms have been required on all openers since 1993. If your current garage door opener doesn’t have this feature, it may be time for a newer model.

Your Opener Has a Fixed Code

Did you know that many older garage door openers can be susceptible to thieves? If your garage door has a fixed code, there is a device that someone could potentially use to find the code – giving them access to everything in your garage. Most new openers have a rolling code that is not able to be duplicated using one of these devices.

You Can’t Use Your Opener During a Power Outage

Many of us know the pain of manually closing and opening your garage door during a power outage. Modern garage door openers are often equipped with battery backups that will power your door in the event of an outage. If you live in an area where power loss is frequent, this feature alone might make upgrading your garage door opener worth it!

You Use a Key to Open Your Garage Door

If you still use a key to open and close your garage door, you can make your life easier by upgrading to a modern opener with a keypad. Some garage door openers even operate by touch using your fingerprint!

Your Opener Requires Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself calling a garage door repair company a few times a year, it’s probably time to upgrade your opener. Compare the cost of these repairs over the past year with the cost of a brand new overhead garage door opener to determine whether repairing or replacing is best for your budget.

Your garage door opener should make your life easier, not cause more stress and worry! Contact us today to learn more about our garage door opener installation services in Portland and Vancouver.


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3 Ways to Make Your Lifestyle Screen Work All Winter Long

If you already have a Lifestyle Screen, you know how versatile they make your garage. In addition to being easy to use, a Lifestyle Screen fully retracts, so you have full use of the entire garage door space. Did you know that there are accessories that you can use with your Lifestyle Screen to transform your garage into a useful space long after the long days of summer have passed?


1.      Make a Four Season Space With a Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover
With the Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover, your garage can become a place for you to enjoy all year round. Even when it’s cold outside, the Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover can stop the chilly air from coming into your garage. Easy to install since it easily mounts to the inside of your Lifestyle Screen frame, this specially designed cover allows you to easily see outside while you do chores inside the garage.

2.      Enjoy the Convenience of a Center Retractable Passage Door
Add a Center Retractable Passage Door to your Lifestyle Screen and you won’t have to lift the screen up and down to enter and leave the garage. Bring down the Lifestyle Screen to capture the warmth of the winter sun as you exit to take over snow removal duty.

3.      Add a Pet Keeper
If you’re like many pet owners, you want this member of the family to enjoy the garage all year round, too. Due to the nature of their design, a Lifestyle Screen does not reach all the way to the floor of your garage. Sometimes, pets like small dogs or cats, are able to squeeze under the bottom of the Lifestyle Screen, making it possible for the animal to become lost.


Because large animals like dogs can also exit the garage under the unsecured screen fabric at the bottom of the door, a specially designed Pet Keeper Screen is available as an accessory. Installing this Pet Keeper Screen successfully impedes the progress that pets can sometimes make in getting under the Lifestyle Screen.


At Garage Doors Plus, LLC, we are an authorized Lifestyle Screens dealer. With their innovative garage door screen system, Lifestyle Screens and Garage Doors Plus, LLC strive to make your enjoyment of your garage even more complete. Contact them today if you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment.

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10 Uses For Your Second Garage

A second garage isn’t something everybody has. Those who are lucky enough to have the extra space are sometimes stumped with what to do with Read More

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Boosting Your Home’s ROI with Garage Door Insulation

At the end of the day, your home’s efficiency contributes to your ROI as a homeowner. Between energy efficiency, repair and maintenance needs, and even storm resistance, the quality and integrity of your garage door matters. Garage Doors Plus, LLC repairs all door makes and models, guaranteeing quality on every project. While efficiency is a major consideration, we also want our homeowners to understand the importance of structural integrity.


Whether you’re seeking garage door repairs or a new installation, put your door’s insulation first. Let Garage Doors Plus, LLC double-check your insulation, helping you save money by providing the following benefits:


Increasing Your Home’s Value

Quality insulation and increased energy-efficiency are very appealing to potential buyers. For this reason, insulating your garage can increase your home’s value. Renovated garages, in fact, have a five-percent higher value than unrenovated garages. Even if you’re not selling your home, a renovated garage is incredibly valuable.


Reducing Your Energy Bill

You may be surprised to learn that your garage’s insulation, layout, and door design can impact the cost of your energy bills. If you need to retain more heat during cold months, you should consider increasing your door’s ability to insulate the area. As a result, you’ll see lower energy bills—increasing your overall ROI. If your garage door is lacking in the insulation department, a Garage Doors Plus, LLC professional can re-pack the insulation—ensuring long-lasting support.


Requiring Less Repair

New garage doors are sold with a home’s insulation needs in mind. They’re crafted from durable materials, and they’re less conducive than older doors. For this reason, they require less maintenance and repair. In fact, professional insulation or new door installation from Garage Doors Plus, LLC can last years. The benefits of an insulated garage door don’t end with reduced airflow. The benefits also extend to reduced repair and maintenance costs.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out the many garage door repair options available, and make sure your home isn’t costing you money. On every level, garage door repair projects are geared toward your tastes. Whether you’re building a home music studio, a garage gym, a retro car storage space or even a basic garage layout, insulation matters.


A garage’s ability to protect your belongings, protect the house and neutralize harsh temperatures is vital. Expenses build up. Hot and cold air, over time, can damage your household’s valuables. Don’t take any chances. The Garage Doors Plus, LLC team cares about your home, and our talented team of service providers ensures quality structural repairs. Once you’ve checked out our insulation installation and maintenance options, check out our other garage door repair options. From the pavement to the ceiling, we’ve got you covered.

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The Five Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Your garage door might be relatively new, but a single upgrade goes a long way. Garage Doors Plus, LLC has a slew of upgrade, repair, and replacement options available. Our team can capably handle a variety of installation options, making sure your home is fortified for years to come. We can upgrade most garage door makes and models, and we’re always ready to serve our customers with the industry’s best technology.


If you want to upgrade your garage, consider these five options first:


Upgrade One: A Lifestyle Screen

Garage Doors Plus, LLC Lifestyle Screens can completely transform your garage. By creating a screened-in space, lifestyle screens protect a garage’s interior from insects, bad weather, and exterior temperatures. A Lifestyle Screen’s seamless design meshes perfectly with a pre-existing garage door, giving you full operational control no matter the occasion.


Upgrade Two: Spring Replacement

Next, you should consider upgrading your springs. Springs wear down over time, and they can render your garage area impractical. Stretched and corroded springs can also present safety issues. Rather than replacing your entire garage door system, consider upgrading with new springs.


Upgrade Three: A New Garage Door Track

New garage door rails can completely revamp your garage door’s operational ability. If your current rails are compromised at all, your garage door might not be able to function. Upgrade your system’s rails, and take advantage of smooth, high-function rails. Garage Doors Plus, LLC offers an assortment of track maintenance options, too, including same-day service, repair, and operational maintenance.


Upgrade Four: Battery Backup

Many garage door openers can be equipped with battery backup systems. If they aren’t, they’re best swapped out for those which are. Battery backup capabilities are vital for home security. If the power goes out, a system with battery backup will keep your vehicles safe. Battery backup is a leading garage door upgrade today, and it’s a great installation option.


Upgrade Five: Remote Entry

If you don’t have a remote entry control, you should pick one up. Modern garage door openers can be operated from a distance, but older houses might not be outfitted with remote garage entry. If you’re overhauling the garage, upgrade your opener with remote entry options.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC has serviced the Twin Cities area for year. We’re well-versed in the art of garage door installation, repair, and enhancement. If you want to learn more about your garage’s capabilities, contact our talented service team. We’re here to help, and we’re ready to upgrade your home’s most important area.

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The first impression your home makes sets the tone for the overall aesthetic of your house

When renovating, often the focus and dollars are given to achieving that “designer look” for the interior of our homes. We forget that the first Read More

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How to Fix a Garage Door Gap

Garage Door Gap MainAfter years of use, your garage door can become crooked and also develop gaps along the top, sides, and bottom. If you notice a hole forming around your garage door, troubleshoot it using these easy steps.

Diagnosing a Garage Door Gap

A garage door gap of any size can let in rain, wind, and debris and even put you at risk for unwanted critters. The location of the gap will help you to determine the potential source and method of repair.

  • Top & Side Gaps – Holes along the top and sides could mean that your garage door stops need to be adjusted or replaced. If your stops seem flush with the door, the track bolts may need to be tightened or loosened.
  • Bottom Gaps – In most cases, a bottom gap means that the frame or floor of your garage has settled. However, if the bottom door panel of your garage door seems to be sagging, it may be time to replace the panel or the entire door.

Troubleshooting a Garage Door Gap

The easiest type of garage door gap to repair yourself is an opening along the bottom of the door. Many hardware stores sell garage door seal kits that are a good DIY garage door repair technique. However, it is important to keep in mind that garage door weather stripping is only a temporary fix in most cases. If you think your garage door gap could benefit from a seal, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Close the door and measure the gap, as well as the width of your door.
  • Step 2: Purchase a garage door weather stripping kit. Depending on how large the gap is, you can select a seal that spans the width of your garage or just the width of the gap.
  • Step 3: Open your garage door and double check that it is secure before starting work.
  • Step 4: Lay down the garage seal following the directions on the package.

When to Contact a Professional

If you are unsure of the source of your garage door gap or don’t feel comfortable repairing the problem yourself, don’t hesitate to contact your local garage door repair professional. Whether you need a new garage door installed or a simple adjustment, a technician will be able to help get your door back in working order, safely.

Need help troubleshooting a different garage door issue? Check out the garage door troubleshooting section of our blog for advice on other common garage door issues or give us a call.

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How to Maximize Your Garage Door’s R-Value

R-Value Main

When shopping for a garage door, you may notice that many doors have a designated R-value. But what does this mean? R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow. So, the higher the R-value, the better insulated the door will be. When it comes to your garage door’s R-value, higher is usually better. Read on to learn more about the types of insulation and garage door materials that offer the highest R-value.

Insulation & R-value

Insulation is a great way to increase the R-value of your current garage door without replacing it completely. When it comes to garage door insulation options, there are two main choices: polystyrene and polyurethane.


One of the main benefits of polystyrene insulation is that it is less expensive than some other insulation options. Polystyrene comes in sheets which can be cut and attached to or inserted inside the panels of your garage door.


Polyurethane garage door insulation is more expensive than polystyrene but provides a much higher R-value. Polyurethane insulation is also known for the strength it adds as well as its noise-reducing properties.

R-Value of Door Materials

If you’re looking for a garage door material that will maximize your garage’s R-value, make sure to avoid materials like aluminum and glass, which have low R-values and can be difficult to insulate. Two garage door materials that are ideal for maximizing R-value are simulated wood and steel.

Simulated Wood

Simulated wood garage doors have the look of wood, but with a higher insulation value. These faux wood doors can also be outfitted with steel which will further increase their R-value.


Single layer steel garage doors are not known for their high R-values. But, steel garage doors can be constructed with two layers of steel and a space in between. The two layers of steel provide more heat flow resistance and the space in between can be filled with insulation which will further increase the door’s overall R-value. Visit our blog to learn more about how to increase the energy efficiency of your garage door.

If you have an attached garage, selecting a door with a high R-value can help keep your home warmer during the cold winter months and keep your overall energy costs down.

Still unsure of what R-value your Portland garage needs? Our garage door installation experts are happy to provide recommendations. Contact us today for more information!

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Keep Your Garage Door Moving with Preventative Maintenance

If you recently had a new garage door installed by Garage Doors Plus, LLC, then you’ll want to schedule routine maintenance on your door to ensure that all the parts are working properly and your door stays in excellent condition. Below is a summary of our preventative maintenance service and why you need it.


Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Absolutely! Preventative maintenance reduces or eliminates the need for costly repairs that may occur down the road. Repairs can also lead to an even more expensive garage door replacement. You can avoid all of this by hiring our technicians to perform routine care on your door. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform all types of maintenance and repairs so that the door is opening and closing as it should.


Annual Inspections and Maintenance

Although there are different types of garage doors and openers, they all essentially perform the same function. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your entire system inspected at least once a year. Garage Doors Plus, LLC can provide comprehensive maintenance for every part of your garage door. Our inspection and maintenance service includes servicing the following parts:

●        Spings

●        End bearings

●        Stationary and set cones

●        Hinges

●        Door panels

●        Remotes and wall panels

●        Center bearings

●        Flat bracket

●        Rollers

●        Top roller bracket


Maintenance Can Prevent Injuries

According to the latest reports, as many as 18,000 injuries occur annually as a result of faulty garage door components. The two most common injuries are from doors falling on individuals and pinched fingers in between the panels. Unbalanced springs and frayed cables largely contribute to falling doors. Preventative maintenance can minimize the possibility of falling doors. It can also ensure your family’s safety, as well as reduce damage to vehicles and other items.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC is Ready to Inspect Your Garage Door

If you have never had your garage door inspected, then now is the time. An inspection followed up by routine maintenance will save you money and keep your family safe. Contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC today to schedule an assessment. In addition to inspection, we also offer brand new garage installation, major repairs, and total door replacement. We provide a wide range of services for residential properties across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 612-760-7551. You’ll be glad you did!

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